September 15, 2015

Glorified - Purple

Fall time means warmer, more comfortable colors. Purple does that to me. It actually calms me. It gives me this sense of peace and quiet. It makes me feel hugged in a way. Sounds weird I know but that is how I feel. It's a glorified feeling...I also feel prettier when I wear a purple top or accessory.

Untitled #113

My love for purple is huge. If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have a whole board dedicated to one of my favorite colors. Some say it is the color of "frustration" but I call it the uplifting color. Purple is fun. It can be used pretty much in any season. During a gray, rainy fall or winter it adds a splash of color to any outfit and weather, and in spring and summer it adds subtle darkness to any light-colored outfit. Plus, is it me or does purple look sophisticated? So excellent. Loving it.   

It being mid-September I am going to look for a new purple top since I either lost mine or accidentally donated it. Oops! Wish me luck.

OH and if you want some luck...I have teamed up with a bunch of amazing girls to give YOU a chance to win some moneyyyyyy so you can go out and splurge!! So enter below...

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Have an amazing day!! So glad it's cooling down a little.



The Flynnigans said...

I love purple too! Goes great with green or hazel eyes too.

Tobia Nooke said...

Love love love purple!
It was actually one of my wedding colors but more a "dirty" lavender type.
I do own quite a few purple tops. I believe purple is a fun grown up color - it doesn't look overly colorful but spices up any outfit and makes it feel Royal.


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