September 21, 2015

Weekly Hopes {8}

Hello my lovelies,

Are you with me this morning?! I was so happy about cooler temperatures last week that I jinxed everything and temperatures decided to bite me in my butt and a scorching manner that it. Hello 99 degrees. Ugh!!!

So it is probably a given what I am hoping for this week....right?! Let's see if you were right!

1 - Working on my daily walking goal and sticking to that goal!! I need to move my butt!
2 - Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods run so I can get inspired to decorate for fall
3 - Working on my emotions {writing, talking, painting, singing, dancing, crying...whatever it takes}
4 - Another visit to the animal shelter
5 - Another Sunday spent with my favorite person as he is off again! YAY.
6 - Cooler temperatures {duh!!!}
7 - A well-deserved hot drink while enjoying cooler temps...

Were you right?! Of course you were...after months of triple digit heat and temps I am definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures. Anything below 80 is amazing. We went to San Francisco a week ago. Definitely enjoyed the cold air there! 

What are you hoping to see or experience this week?!
Anything fun?

Happy Monday!!



Marie said...

I was so happy when I woke up this morning and it was in the 50's. Cooler weather is finally here. Wait, I kid, it's only here for the next two days then it's back to the heat. So over it. I want to wear my scarves!! haha and sweaters.

Lindsay said...

It's getting a tad chilly here, high 60's during the day. I am however okay with this...I love fall, just hate winter. I also started walking again tonight!


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