September 4, 2015

Our Fall Traditions

A new season has started {for me that is} and every time I make a seasonal list of things I would like to do, see, cook, or simply accomplish by the time that specific season is over. This time I have only one wish. I want to create a fantastic fall season by continuing our fall traditions we started two years ago. This season wouldn't be complete with our weekly date nights {at home or outside} and fun fall traditions - my fall list for this year - may it be as colorful as I imagine it to be.

Pumpkin Patches

I am a sucker for these big giants. I love them in all kinds of colors but orange is my favorite. We found a great pumpkin patch farm last year and will most probably go back to the same place. However, since we moved I am hoping to find another one closer to our new home. We can go to two patches this year! Oh, I am very excited now. Cannot wait to go perfect pumpkin hunting again. 

Pumpkin Carve Date

We started this tradition last year. We didn't have the motivation or time {that is a lie now} to get pumpkins and carve them years ago. I usually painted mine and called it a day. Lazy bum, I know. Last year we finally decided to make it an annual date day. We will get our pumpkins and carve them together. It will be a fun date, trying to compete to create the better looking pumpkin...last year we both won as we started this tradition. This year however, the competition is ON - with or without my Cinderella pumpkin {the hardest to carve, guys, but it still turned out awesome}.

Find a Local Spot or Festival to Celebrate Fall

What I love most is finding new places to go to. When we travel this is my thing to do, and my list is usually long. When we moved last year my excitement was tremendous because a new city meant there was a ton we had to discover. During the summer it was way too hot to do anything special, but during fall?! Yes please!!
We found this cute little town that hosts an annual pumpkin night. It's called the Night of 1000 Pumpkins. We went and fell in love. If you love to see carved pumpkins, lights, and people creating a free night to all means, go and attend. We will certainly go back this year. Their theme this year is Back to the Future II. This night has definitely become our to experience. Cannot wait.

I am so glad fall is knocking on our doors. I am happy temperatures are dropping {slooooowwwwwly}, and that means that soon it will be cool enough to wear a sweater, cardigan, or even jacket and sit outside and sip on hot ciders or tea. With that our fall traditions can begin. I am excited. My man and I will most probably go pumpkin hunting {haha}, then carve ours and enjoy the festivities. Yes, it's still September but as we all know time sometimes runs faster than anything else, so I am already making sure we get appropriate time off to enjoy all our fall traditions we so beautifully started.

So looking forward to our fall dates!!!

What about you? Do you have special fall traditions with or without your significant other, family, friends?
Let me know, I can always add a few ideas to our fall fun.


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Christina said...

That pumpkin festival looks awesome! We definitely do a pumpkin patch and a carving night. We also try to go to a corn maze too. I love fall and all the fun activities!


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