September 10, 2015

8 Reasons You Should Cook at Home

Cooking at home can be fun. It can also be challenging and end up in a total disaster. Yes, I know, not really what you wanted to read right at the beginning. Let's be honest though, I am no cook. I may have some cooking gene in me but I am no cook and I will never be one. When I cook I sometimes fail, and often make a huge mess. However, I love food. I cannot stand chain restaurants, wanna-be restaurants {a.k.a. fast food places} or prepared frozen dishes. My love for food is real guys. I love a well prepared meal; a meal made from scratch. I love when I get as many nutrients in as possible. That being said, it is not easy to get them all in at once, let alone find an affordable place that does not rip you off with micro meals that leave you starving. So I have to cook it all myself. 

I hated the idea of cooking all the time. I wanted to get served. Yes, spoiled I know. However, I learned that cooking at home can be fun, and a great way to connect with your senses as well as with your special someone, and hey, a great way to get back in shape and feel good about yourself.

Here are a few tips on why you should cook at home {AND meal plan}...even on your worst days!!!  

1. It saves money. Literally. 
2. You could eat your favorite childhood dish every single day - just saying.
3. You can plan meals ahead of time {one week, two weeks, or even for a month} and not stress out.
4. Your partner or kids can help cook. This makes a fun date night, trust me.
5. Cooking from scratch is simply healthier!
6. You know exactly what goes into your pot and eventually mouth & body.
7. When planning meals ahead of time you become a better grocery shopper. Knowing what you need and not getting distracted by "potential deals" along the way will save you time and money! No more impulsive shopping!
8. Finding out you are creative can be rewarding. When you cook something new {Pinterest is a great help} you learn that cooking at home can be fun, very easy {don't go for a full on heavy dish that takes up half of your kitchen, budget, nerves and time!}, and that cooking is not scary at all will eventually make you feel accomplished, proud, and filled with joy. Plus, when your significant other tells you the meal was a blast and that it needs to be repeated soon you know you did well.

Are you cooking at home?
Am I the only one planning meals ahead of time or do you do that as well?
I plan our meals two to four weeks ahead of time. That way we use what we already have in our pantry and add some fun to our week by creating a new dish or so. Plus, we don't end up buying items we won't ever use.

Any fun recipes I should consider cooking next?
My favorite and easiest to make is still my one pan Mexican Quinoa Dish.

Have a fantastic day my lovelies.


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Marie said...

I have been trying to cook more at home and it really does save money. It also is healthier. With my busy schedule, it is rather hard but I'm getting better at it.

The Flynnigans said...

Mmmmm! I haven't had quinoa in ages. I cook everything. At home with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 meals on the weekend and they're usually cheat meals, or snacks or some sort.'

I just LOVE food! I used to be the pickiest eater but not anymore.


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