September 2, 2015


Last week we enjoyed beautiful days away from home in wonderful Napa. I am so glad our initial plans did not get cancelled after all. So, so glad. We had such a lovely time, saw the prettiest views and sunsets, drank wonderful wine and enjoyed fantastic lunches and dinners. We love Napa. Not only is this the place we got married last year it is also a place to calm down, relax, and just be happy. It is not too far from where we live so this is convenient. However, I have to say, Northern California doesn't only have Napa when it comes to wine, and I have to admit I feel Napa is quite overpriced sometimes but hey, which majorly known place isn't?! We love Napa.

Here we photos of our fun trip.

We stayed at the Meritage and enjoyed every minute of it. I usually do not like big hotels but have to say I liked staying at this one. Yes, it's expensive, but how many times do you get to celebrate something big?! Exactly. Plus I wanted a view overlooking the pool as well as the vineyard and I received both. :) I win!
And despite people thinking it was noisy being so close to the pool, I have to say there was no noise whatsoever. Very impressive.


We had reservations for the Napa Valley Wine Train and enjoyed our very delicious lunch from start to finish. About a week before we went on our ride, there was this group of about nine women who got escorted off the train. It was all over the news. Whatever the reason, these ladies must have been super loud, disruptive and doing something wrong. It certainly had nothing to do with race as some claim. When we went we had all kinds of "races" on our train and no one was escorted off. Apparently, I read, they were asked three times to be quieter, it is a fine dining restaurant after all. Despite this negative cloud hovering over our ride it was well worth it. It's not the cheapest ride but if you want to experience something new, something different...and maybe are celebrating something special, I'd suggest trying out the Wine Train.

Also, with my gluten sensitivity I was given gluten free options...hello?! Awesomeness. I wasn't sure how they were handling my request but upon making the reservation I told them I had a gluten sensitivity so they made sure everything was perfect. They didn't even ask, they said "here's your gluten free appetizer selection". YUM. Coming from the hospitality service industry I call this perfect service!


Some more random photos of the Napa Valley!


We went to a few wineries, among them our favorite Raymond, we then stopped by Castello di Amorosa and Chateau Montelena among many many wineries. I loved Castello di Amorosa but only for its views and the history. However, the whole winery looked and felt like it was made for tourists. I knew this beforehand but hoped it was not as dramatic as it sounded. Let's just say it was loud when we tasted wine and we felt like sardines. Definitely not a place I would come back to taste wine...only to buy wine because after having tasted ten different kinds I know which ones are my favorites. :) Plus, Castello only sells their wines at their vineyard and nowhere else.

We ended up buying wine and we are good until maybe the next time we visit in five years?! Hahaha! Yes, we bought a ton of wine. We enjoyed ourselves, don't judge!

A Napa trip will not be perfect without a trip to the Oxbow Public Market to stroll around and eat, and have dessert at Kara's Cupcakes. Love their cupcakes. Whether you want gluten free or regular cupcakes...they are the best. Sprinkles and Crumbs can say bye bye. Well, okay, maybe not exactly but Kara's is amazing!!!!

Needless to say our trip to Napa was a success. Cannot wait to go back one day.


first image credit Traci Thomas


Marie said...

What a beautiful place. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad you two had a great time. Beautiful pictures!!

Kenya said...

Looks amazing!!! Your pictures are great. Glad you had a good time.

And that wine train, GENIUS!

The Flynnigans said...

Napa doesn't even look real to me it's so beautiful. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves. You deserved that time away, and especially so with your man. :)

Awesome photos, I'd love to go sometime.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

My fav in Napa is Castillo!!!


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