September 14, 2015

Weekly Hopes {7}

Good morning!
Hope your Monday is spectacular and worth a smile! :)
I had a great weekend, and I am hoping that this week will be over quickly!!

This week I'm hoping for...

1. Quality Time with my favorite person
2. Therapy session is back {yes, I am going to therapy, it's not bad it's a good thing!}
3. The promised COOLER TEMPERATURES - so over triple digits
4. New blog opportunities
5. Distractions from working part-time
6. New music
7. German! My favorite person is learning it and I love hearing/seeing results
8. Getting over this will be a sad one

This week will be tough. I know I have to look forward and appreciate everything there is in life, and not dwell on the past or make it worse than it actually is. I should cherish every second. I will. I promise. I'm just looking forward to next week when this week is over.

Happy Monday!



Tobia | craftaliciousme said...

Wishing you a great week!

Joey Hodges said...

I love that you do "hopes!" And therapy is absolutely a good thing--good for you for going and for being honest about it! Wishing you an absolutely fantastic week, lovely!

The Flynnigans said...

I've been in therapy off and on for almost 29 years; ain't nothing wrong with that. Lol ;). xo


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