September 4, 2009

Cooler and Happier

I'm still catching up on my reading...been a busy week and whenever I open my reader's list 150 new entries are waiting for me. I haven't had a chance to read most of them. I try to read from one person only...then catch up on the next...don't want to skip in between and lose track. It's like a book. You don't want to read three different kind of books at once because you might confuse them or really lose track on the way. Don't want that to happen. So, three to six or maybe seven great writers on a day...that should be enough! And I love all your stories, inspiration, and pictures! All of them!!!!

Other than that, life's been ok for most of this week.
I baked a lime pie today. It's still actually in the whole process...I'm waiting and hoping it turns out nice enough for me to bring it to work. Makes me hungry already. Speaking of work. So far it's been good. The mean co-worker is on vacation. Unfortunately she'll return on Wednesday, but I'll be having off that day and the one after...thank you!! So yeah, so far it's been good. We also have a trainee working with us, so it's a challenge to explain to her everything, but a good one. We need the extra help, and so far I think she's doing great.
Oh, and in almost two weeks I'll be in Istanbul! Can't believe how fast the time goes. My dress is ready (yes yes, I'll take a picture of it and post it soon...been way too lazy), and I think I'm still considering buying another dress or maybe even more. Maybe right before the wedding...who knows. We'll see. Though the main reason I'm so happy about this upcoming trip is that I'm going to spend most of my time with my favorite cousin, and my friends. Haven't seen them in two years and two years can be an extremely long time! Moreover, my uncle from Illinois is going to be in town as well. Family reunion so to speak! Can't complain!!! That being said, I'm just looking at my red's waiting to be packed! Once again, a procedure I'm not looking forward to...

Happy Friday...even though it cooled down a lot and seems like as if the sun was captured by all those gray's going to be a gorgeous day!!!
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Jessica said...

I know what you mean by seeing so many updates when you open blogger. It can be so overwhelming and stressful at times. Haha.

Have a good time in Istanbul. :)

Anonymous said...

well ... thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, even though you have all this reading to do :)



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