September 15, 2009

OMG TV Moment, and only 5 days left...

Ok, I admit it. I'm a total TV junkie. Never really was until I learned that TV can be fun, entertaining, and incredibly helpful, and a real horizon opener. It also sort of enhances my life. Not that I need enhancement from TV but still. I'm living life...even with TV. Granted, not every single show is educational, nor interesting or fun. Some shows cheer me up. Some really depress me, and now some make me even mad!!! I never thought I could be this emotional about one fictional show. Ridiculous. Though I am. Mainland Europe (sorry everyone living in Great Britain!) is usually way behind when it comes to shows. Most countries dub everything and therefore it takes longer. I don't really mind (I have no choice whatsoever), so I go with whatever is on. Lately, they have found speed while working and we are on par with the most popular shows shown in the US. You should see my face when I watch new episodes I know just aired eight weeks ago in the US. I feel at home. Nonetheless, they are usually behind and it stresses me out. Thanks to the internet I get to see some previews or read reviews which are amazing. I don't mind reading ahead of time, seeing is the better part! And, when I'm in CA the TV is mine. The whole family knows that and leaves that giant thing to me. They know when I "need" to watch what...very nice! Plus, apparently my taste in shows isn't that bad...even my aunt watches a couple of "my" shows! (yes, I don't own them, but I still call them my shows.)
But I digress..., being September and all, it's time for new episodes. I'm tired of all those reruns...all I know is that I won't be seeing any Grey's Anatomy at all until next year 2010 (ok, again, that may change)...because yes, they take forever to get the new season over here and then dub it. However, as wonderful as the internet is, I watched a little preview. All I can say is OhMyGod!!!!!! Hello?! Kidding me?! Do I have to move just now so I can watch the new episodes and find out what really is going on?! I'm all excited and super nervous. I know it's silly but let me please be. I need that. Desperately. Like a Housewife!!! YES!!! That show, too. Hello?! Kidding me again?! Why?!! There are a lot of other fantastic shows out there, too many to name now. I'm excited and know that I "need" to watch them. Ok, I won't fall to pieces if I miss one or two episodes though. So anyways...again, I do love to digress...TV is my thing. It may be boring to so many of you (maybe not who knows), but it entertains me. It's part of life. At least mine. Not entirely but still.

With that said...I'm not entirely looking forward to going to Istanbul just because I'm going to miss out on some of my favorite shows and episodes. Then again, my horizon is going to be widened by visiting friends and family in Turkey, mingling and mixing two, well three, cultures together, and living life beautifully. All this doesn't make me think of any TV show at all, not even for once. I hope!

It's Tuesday exactly five days I'll be already sitting in Istanbul with my aunt trying to figure out what to do the next day! (hint, we're driving to the airport again - but not for me...) I simply can't wait. My suitcase is packed and I know I can check-in the night before I don't have to drag my suitcase all the way to the airport by myself!...Istanbul here I come...

Just re-read what I wrote and it's a bit confusing. I'm sorry.
It's just that I woke up at 5 this morning and for some reason worked way too hard (not my day and I ended up repeating things about five times), then had a great late afternoon with my friend and her children (they are super adorable three-year-olds with an energy I just adore and long for), dyed my friend's hair in less than 30 minutes and then drove back home, cooked dinner, ate, and just thought could quickly check emails only. It so happened I ended up here and am writing. Love it though. So, again, my apologies if whatever I've written is confusing, overlapping, and just a total mix of a lot of stuff...

Happy Tuesday (evening). I'm ready to go to sleep...and that at 9.30pm! Wow!!!!

And yes, so sad Patrick Swayze passed away...though he's now in a much better state!

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