September 27, 2009

Don't be mad, be glad...

Yes I know I shouldn't be online...but it is Sunday afternoon, my cousin took a nap (I'm about to take one too) and I just quickly felt like stealing her laptop to browse around. Our uncle from Illinois arrived last night. We were out having fun with friends and our cousin/brother (mine/hers) and didn't get to see him until this morning. My cousin S. and I ended up driving home around 2am and we were amazed on how cheap the taxi fare was. It was a fun evening!!!!! Anyway, we just discussed some things while having a quick lunch and I wanted to show S. something, and needed to access Guess what? Not possible. This, I have come across for quite some time now...some sites are just blocked. Not accessable. Then again, as all Turks are, and as everyone else is trying to learn each day, explore the world and just have fun...they always find ways to access any blocked sites. In Turkey, they banned (for some political reasons) and well, a way was found. I'm sure there is one also to access myspace but hey, I'm ok with not going there at this moment. Though, while being here and while loving it each day a bit more I also came to understand that what we all have (whether or not we are aware of it or use it) we should be grateful for that. Not every place is as fortunate to have the same. Does this make any sense?!

So, that is what I wanted to say.
No pictures so far. I forgot my cable...but I took some.
I was, well, still am, thinking to extend my stay but might not.
I rather fly back, unpack, repack, relax a week or so and then fly over again. Who knows. No one. The world right now is mine, the future unknown and my summer misery changed itself to fall misery but believe me when I say it's gotten better...well, less dramatic!!! weird as it may sound I feel relaxed here...and my spirit seems to slowly return again. And well...something tells me (maybe my spoiled mind - something my cousin E. and I have in common) I belong here.

Have a grand Sunday.

P.S. yes, my title sounds like the "glad" commercial...

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

cant wait to see pics, yay for istanbul!


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