September 3, 2009

Change Is Not Always A Good Thing

The world is changing!! We all know that. Hopefully. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes change is not so good. It all depends on how it all started and on how the outcome literally comes out.
The lovely country I live in at this very moment has its ups and downs, like every other place on this earth. Right now, I do believe though that more downs than ups occur. Strange. This country has always been part of this world and its views and whether or not we are aware of it, it sure plays a large role on this planet. Good. Not always. World War II for example...some may deny it but Switzerland played a huge part there...then again, this is a controversial topic so I won't really discuss it right now. Nonetheless, Swiss people get patted on the back and smiled at because most of the people see them as cow hugging-chocolate eating-milk drinking-in wooden houses living-neutral people. They might drink milk and eat chocolate (most of them that is) but the cliched pictures and visions you may have from Heidi movies are long gone. The name neutral got stuck mainly because...well, why??? Because, apparently they were not part of those big world wars? Maybe. Maybe not. And right now, this country doesn't want to join the European Union, so that makes it automatically an island on this continent and again, people assume since the whole place acts (and maybe thinks) differently it must be different as well and therefore be called weird names.
I was born here in this so-called neutral country, so this applies to me as well. Sort of. And today's newspaper headlines pissed me off big time.
That is the real reason behind my writing today...this country's big flaws. I don't want to point out too many negative things because let's all face it, each country has flaws and is not always doing what it's supposed to. Normal. So is this place at the very moment. So is one particular other country as well. I won't be calling them by their names, and well, one country's name is obvious I'm sure. So, apparently the hatred and intolerance between these two countries are so strong the other one wants to break up this tiny "European Island" into three pieces so it will be vanished (!!!!) from world maps. What the hell??? What's wrong here?? What the hell is the other country thinking??? Where are we? Medieval times? Probably. Either way, whatever is about to happen just showed once more how cruel people can be and how intolerant they are, heck, always have been. What happened with us? What happened with everyone?
I don't want to turn this entry into some political thing nor do I want to talk about it. It just pisses me off that no matter what we all do the world is never going to be a better place. Granted, talking and writing about it won't help and won't change things but sometimes (and I know I've already said it so many times) writing helps. I'm just pissed. Actions need to be taken, but who am I talking about it. Can't do much about it. I can just walk around with a pissed-off face trying to smile at every one and leave it as it is. I might do this, well, I have to. Political issues aside, this place has shown me (personally) how its own flaws ruin it and ruin the people living in it. All I'm saying is that whatever is happening at this very moment with this country just literally pisses me off, makes me sick to my very own stomach, and just forces me to write an entry. Ha!

Ok, any negative thoughts is a rainy day.
Wish I could send some rain over to my beloved California and its wildfires. I know that none of my friends and family members are in any kind of danger so it's all good. It's just still sad!!!!

Let it rain...and let the sun peek through the gray clouds...even for just a tiny bit...maybe...thank you?!

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