September 6, 2009

Oh holy...

This weekend was hectic, hectic, and yes, hectic!
Of course I was at work trying to please every single person, and at some point I was even happy (!!!) but in the end I was glad I left and went home and watched TV. So much for my weekend! No going out, no partying, no meeting friends, no movie time, not even time for a couple of pages to read, just plain old work with a lot of talking in between (I'm supervising and training people at the moment) and my days off are not today and tomorrow but on Wednesday and Thursday!
All I want for once is a great weekend to look forward with a family BBQ, lots of people around to catch up on, drink some good wine, eat a ton of food, and just plainly enjoy fall and its cooler temperatures and great colors. Not gonna happen. Not over here. It feels so sad and so lonely!

Happy Monday!!!
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