September 7, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Finally...I have time to really read some blogs and what do I see?! 205 new blogs for me to read. Hmmm...where should I start and should I read them all, or at least try to?! Overwhelming. However, it's a wonderful idea to end a day. I sit in front of my laptop and read your lovely stories and adventures and get inspired by every single thing. As a said, a great way to end a day. It is sort of calming, too.
Monday felt long. It's a little past 6pm and I'm just exhausted. I woke up at 5.15, started working at 6.30, and now I'm just so tired I can't keep my eyes open. It was a good day though. My supervising skills are appreciated and even though I'm sure my little trainee wants to hit me sometimes because I demand so much, I'm sure she appreciates it eventually. She just realized that what we do is not sitting around and waiting for something to happen. There's always something happening and there won't be a minute not knowing what to yeah, she might be even more exhausted than I am. Just, her voice might be still intact whereas mine is long gone.

One more day and I can call it my deserved "weekend". Finally. I do need to pack my suitcase. I also need to do laundry and buy some gifts for my family and my friends and my friend who's going to be married in exactly two weeks. I can't believe this is happening so fast. I'm excited for her but at the same time also a bit worried. Not that I don't want to see her being happy and all it's just that I don't know if she's aware of what she's about to encounter in life. Not the marriage itself, and I'm sure this is going to be just marvelous. But, she's also moving away to a different country and starting from scratch. This, I have to admit, is quite common these days and I'm not saying it's something bad. I'm just wondering if she's fully prepared. So far, she's gone back and forth and sort of has a view on how things will go after she's settled. I just hope her future dreams won't be shattered or altered too much on the way. Either way, I'm excited, and I'm also excited to be seeing her again. It's been almost two years, and this is a very long time!

And I just decided not to take my laptop with me when I'm away...yes. Two full weeks without proper internet and my silly entries. I'm sure at some point I'm going to miss the internet, not because I'm addicted to it but because it's part of today's life and tomorrow's future! And, it's given me so many opportunities to stay in touch with friends, keep everyone informed and updated on my whereabouts that I'm sure not writing each day (or almost) is going to be missed after a while. Nonetheless, I'm excited to be in Istanbul again. I've missed this thriving metropolis! It's part of me, or am I part of it?! Maybe both. I'm so excited. Will take lots of pictures and hopefully post a lot on here...depending on how my camera works with me. Olympia refused to work for a short time while strolling through Barcelona and even though I've tried to replace her (unfortunately, she's gotten a bit old) it was and still is difficult to find a proper replacement. So bare with me...and her...we'll figure something out.
And yes, the camera's name is Olympia!!

So...I had a good Monday, am looking forward to my upcoming trip and crazy cousin reunion sessions (oh boy!), and laptop/internet time...what will that be?! Two weeks and no checking on anything...I'll end up having over 600 blog entries waiting for me to be read...yeah!

Have a fantastic Labor Day!!!!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Seriously? The day I see 250 on my reader I will smile, relived. It currently is over 2000. Yes, I didn't accidentally put an extra zero there, I said 2000. :/ It never seems to go down! xx

Sara said...


Such a wise decision for you not take your laptop! Everyone deserves the break!x


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