September 17, 2009


...I have now 30 followers/readers (if not more) even though the number doesn't show.
I know that my friend S. is reading this blog (yes, girl I know you are, and I love your for that!!!), and I also just found out that my dear friend M. is reading this one too (and, yes, I love you for that too and I'm so looking forward to seeing you next week!!!). My friend K. I think is sneaking in sometimes and reading it too (not sure though). I think at least two of my blogger friends do read my blog but didn't add themselves as followers (which is absolutely okay!).
So, technically I do have about 30 is not a bit more than that...
...not that this says anything about my blog...I just figured this one out.
Well, I do have to say here that I'm still at work trying to kill some time before I get to go home. Thankyouverymuch. My eyes are sore and I wonder why. Tomorrow won't be any different...and then it's time to say see you all next month again...or well, better, read you all next month. As you may remember, I once wrote that I won't be taking my laptop with me. It'll be greatly missed but I am also sure it'll be a great way to enjoy the world outside this sometimes wonderful and weird cyberworld. I'll be trying to take tons of pictures (hopefully good ones) and return with a lot of enthusiasm about life, love, and friendship.

So, it is time to close this one for today.
Hope you all had a good day, or day ahead of you.

My eyes are burning...hmmm....wonder why...any idea??? I do!!! It's this computer screen...telling me to stop blogging and just go home. Ok then...I'll be obeying this time...sort of. ;-)

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