September 12, 2009

Saturday, the no-weekend day

Things to look forward to (for the next whole week!) :
  • Meeting a friend tonight for a couple of drinks
  • Monday and Tuesday having early shifts
  • Tuesday meeting a friend again, so we can catch up and inspire each other
  • Wednesday meeting another friend for dinner (haven't seen each other in five weeks)
  • Working with our trainee and seeing improvements every single day
  • Flying to Istanbul!!!
Plus, I am also trying to find THE perfect school, daily inspirations, and something to literally cheer me up.Then again, I get to see my favorite cousin in about eight days and this alone makes me already happier. She's inspiration to me, with her lively ways, and funny gestures...can't wait to see her again. AND, most of all, even though it's two months from now (and we all know how fast two months can go) I am going to attend a concert!!!! THE concert!!! Ok, not exactly THE concert considering it is not the first time I'm going to see them...but Green Day is stopping by in November (Green Day and Switzerland don't really seem to go well together...but apparently it's working!)...and Yes the tickets were bought today. My friend did it actually, so I'm gonna pay her pack soon. It might not be your favorite band or your type of music (who knows) but it sure is mine. Ok, not only. Though those guys are great. Saw them in San Francisco and make a very long story was fun, even more fun to see them on a normal, regular basis in Oakland, too. So, knowing they'll be in this tiny country in two months makes me jump up and down (even though I am at work). Yes.

So, my Saturday is a regular work real excitement. Boo...
Oh, fall started...that is for sure. All I'm missing is Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. They used to have them over here and apparently it is not going to happen this year or it is too early. I need some fall inspiration, really. The sun should come out too and then with the slightly overcast skies we've been having over here it would be so terrific to sip on some deliciously flavored coffee, but no. Not yet!!! Oh well. Plus, I can't wait for some new wardrobe inspiration as well. So needed. Then again, if I do decide to go back to California for school I might not need all that. If I decide to go back to PA or even IL I might definitely need all that. I just can't seem to make up my mind. Worst of all...all this thinking and weighing options is being done while I'm at work. So much for full concentration on my part.

Hope your Saturday, well, weekend is more exciting than mine!!
Enjoy it.


1 comment :

Tokyo Girl said...

We don't have Pumpkin Spice Lattes here in Tokyo either. Shame!


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