September 10, 2009


Fall's here! I'm excited and so looking forward to a colorful day and season!!!!

The only thing that just bothers me is that I thought mosquitoes left but apparently they are still around waiting for me to sleep and then when I wake up in the morning, huge mosquito bite on my left cheek!!!!! Hello?!? Why????!!!! So yes, I'm now walking around with a huge red spot, trying to hide it with all sorts of make-up and my hair (I'm glad I still have longer hair), but still... Happy September!

The sun's out and I'm about to enjoy my second day off!


P.s. I'm also packing which is a drag, considering that Istanbul has had rainy days for the last I think ten days and is looking at floods and all. Don't want to see any of it when I get there next week. Wish us all luck!

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