September 1, 2009

New Month, New Energy

"Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions."

Where that quoate comes from is not a secret, and I won't elaborate on it. Up until today the book is pure inspiration to me. I won't travel to Italy just to eat pasta pretty much every day (I can do this here, too), and I definitely won't go to India, though Bali has always been on my mind. I have friends there, so it's just a matter of time, money, and will until I get to that part of the world. But I digress...

It's September!!!! Unbelievable. Hasn't it just been June, or July?! Where did the time go? Though when I look out the window I don't really see anything else but blue sky (yeah!!), and tons of sunshine. Temps are still high and I love it. Feels almost like as if I'm back in L.A. . I'm not, unfortunately. Speaking of which - I had a dream last night and I dreamed about Los Angeles. Weird, I know. Ok, not that weird. I went to the movies yesterday (my sister's keeper) and yes, the story is in L.A. And when I watched some TV last night the main location was in the city, too, so naturally it's quite normal to dream about it. However, it's not the first time and to me a sign that I'm missing life in the big city and in a much warmer part of the world. Despite the fact that I miss the beach like crazy! Either way, I digress again (typical me), September started and not looking at the date I'd guess it's early August or mid-June! NICE.

Quickly coming back to yesterday's movie day. The movie was cute. Some would say sad. Yes, a couple of tears were rolling down my cheeks as well. I read the book about six month ago and loved it. I cried like a baby while reading it. And, when I cry while reading a book the writing is great and the story, too - not to mention the book. So, crying and reading is a very good sign. Touching story, and I really recommend the book. The movie was good too. Normally, reading a book and then watching the movie are two very different things and most of the people are disappointed in the movie. I wasn't. In fact, I liked the ending!!!! I didn't like it in the book, and well, that explains it already. Not the same! If you haven't seen the movie I recommend it though.

Coming back to my little quoate up dream and my emotions have a lot in common. I know that now. I assume I've always known just never really admitted it. My heart melts every time I see the skyline of Los Angeles, look at pictures I took or my friends are sending me, see a movie or even just hear the name. Feels like home to me. And home is greatly missed. So, a new month started and new energy slowly flows towards me...a good sign to continue my search for new adventures. My longing for my own happiness is stronger than I thought and I'm determined to work on that.
I am so a slave to my emotions...

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