February 9, 2010

Wednesday Thrill

Since Valentine's day's approaching I really find myself looking at cute pictures, lots of pink stuff, heart shaped icons and pillows and such. And yes, even though i don't like this day I still get sucked in and can't resist.

All via WE ♥ IT

I'm so going to be tonight at 9pm today.
Right after my guys are done finding the right killer. Gotta love that show.
Wondering which one?! Criminal Minds of course! :) I can never ever get enough of that show.
Why going to bed so early?! I need to wake up at 3am!!!
Tomorrow, Thursday, that particular big event starts...at 5 in the freakin' morning! Woohooooooo....maybe.

Camera in tow tomorrow.
Let's hope the weather's on our side. Right now it's snowing. Boooooh!!
Thursday it sounds horrible. Monday and Tuesday it's supposed to be a lot better. We'll see.



Katie said...

yay for camera in tow!

and I like your little name picture at the end of your post! cute :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Aw, I love all the cute V-Day stuff.

Neely said...

And now I want a cupcake :)

Annie said...

those little brownie/cake hearts look so yummy!!
all the photos are cute!

Jenna said...

i love the picturs, too cute :) Have fun at the event today!

Elizabeth said...

Are those candy coated brownies...yum.

samnhal said...

Love that last picture. I'm SO excited to see the pictures of the carnival. That's crazy that it starts so early. You're a trooper for going that early. I'm so so not a morning person.

♥ Katinka said...

I love the last pictures. so awesome! have a great day girl!!!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Take tons of pictures! I can't wait to see!

Malin said...

Adoooooorable pictures!!! And excited about the new ones you are taking (or took!).

Hope you are having good days! :)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Loved these photos so much! xx


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