February 6, 2010

I'm Singing In The Rain

In a few hours I'm heading back to work. Not looking for it, but hey, it's okay.
It's my job, I'm going to do it and I will survive everyone and everything!
One thing I am looking forward to is the fact that I only work three days and then I get some off time again. Lucky me! :)

I was kind of in the mood to look for cute pictures again.
It is not easy to find great things that acutally work with my current mood.
It just needs to go with my mood otherwise the whole thing is ruined...daily inspiration I mean.

Oh and this city is crazy...they're literally counting down the days till Thursday early morning.
It all starts at 5 in the morning. I will be up at 3, getting ready and everything, and then heading out so I can be out and about by 4.45am, and then enjoy almost two hours of all the craziness. After that I am stuck at work again. Not bad though. This might help me take pictures for all of you. And no, don't worry no one harrassed me about it. I've been meaning to take pictures for years and always failed. Oh, and if you know the German carnival it is nothing like it...honestly, I don't even like the German carnival (don't be offended if you do or so, ok?!). I just don't. So I'm glad it's nothing like that. Woohoo. Good for this place.
So, yes, this city's getting crazier each day and it's still not helping me. I'm not really in the mood for any festivities but it's part of this city and when you live here you must go and enjoy it. Whether or not you are from here, if you ignore and deny this festival, you are ignoring this city and its history and culture. Every city has its tradition, cultural events, and festivals...this is this city's and whoever doesn't at least go out to watch some funny costumes...well...let's not go there.

 But I'm really really really digressing now...let's skip all this blablahhhh and head on over to some pictures...

all images via We ♥ It!

It's been raining over here, on and off (right now it doesn't!) and I thought it is a nice change to show some rain/umbrella pictures than the constant snow pics. :)

Happy Saturday everyone.


1 comment :

Laura Trevey said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous images!!!
Happy Saturday to you too :)

xoxo Laura


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