February 2, 2010

Don't steal it, it's mine!!!

Okay...you maybe have read that I wrote on Twitter "someone stole my washing machine"...and well, technically it's not true. No one stole it, but then again I can't use it because someone else is using it, and it bugs me. I signed up for my two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) which is today and tomorrow and I want to use it now. Yes, I can do laundry pretty much at any given day/time, but I specifically signed up for these two days to use that particular machine so I expect to be able to do so. I didn't expect the door to be shut, no key available and someone else using it. There's no other name on it, no note...just MY NAME on it because I wrote that one down on Jan. 2 (!!!), and it means it's mine!!!! So don't steal my time and my machine!!!!! I was so pissed I went downstairs and put a post-it note on the door saying "return that key and put it up where it belongs, it is past your allowed laundry time". Not sure if it worked. I'm way too chicken to go down and check.

Well, the thing is...there are four machines available. All four have weekly schedule papers or whatever and we all can sign up for one particular machine. Two machines are available every single day (per person and per day up to max. four hours in a row is allowed), the other two machines are available every single day too but for the big stuff...like towels, jeans, bed sheets, stuff like that, and each machine is available for two days in a row. Since we don't have dryers here (one thing I so miss about my life in the US - bless my aunt and her super fast and super cool dryer...my new best friend since last year), we air dry all our clothes. Keeps them longer in shape and color and all that, but it takes time. So, for the big laundry pile we sign up in one of those other machines so we can let our clothes/things/towels/whatever hang for two days or just make laundry like crazy. Love that. Not today. I was supposed to get the key yesterday evening (drop off is always at 7pm) but I was so sleepy I didn't check. Technically it is my day today and tomorrow so the key should have been there. This morning...no key, right after work...still no key...but I heard the machine work. What the fh?!!!!!
What bothers me the most is that this has to happen today!!
I haven't done laundry in a while and I'm in need for some clean and fresh stuff...well, winter stuff. My closet is packed but there's nothing to wear anymore. Typical. I need to dress up for work, but I prefer casual clothing. So, my closet is sort of divided into three categories..."for work", "not for work", "home/lounge clothes". The first two are sort of now in need of detergent and fresh water...and I want to do it NOW.
What bothers me though is that today was just one of those days when everything seems to go wrong. Everything pisses me off and when I'm pissed I am really aggravated and that means I'm charged big time and can get really really really super sweet nice innocent honest crazy horrible sarcastic real rude mean direct..., well maybe a bit sarcastic. Not to the extreme but when I'm pissed I am pissed and I'm gonna let ya know. So, be aware whoever you are who stole my time and my machine...when I do find you (and trust me I will) you will get taught by my specific method how to use a machine and its allowed time and how to use a pencil and the sheet with all those empty (or not) days...I will also teach you how to spell your name and write it neatly on that paper because we all know I can and will do that! Just be aware...the minute I spot you you will hear me out, and you will remember my name and my voice...I do not care why you chose to do so and I am not pissed at the fact that I can't do laundry (I do love doing laundry but today I don't feel like it) but it is my time, and when it's my time I want it to be mine and not yours!!! Stay in line, do what we all do and write your freakin' name on that piece of paper and then wait till it's your turn!!!!

And that my lovelies...was the nice version. 

Today is one of those days you don't want to mess with me.
I'm a super nice girl. I tolerate a lot of things, but doing things behind my back is one thing I cannot and will never ever tolerate. This happened to me twice - today. And then the machine story?!!!
Yes, I am mad...super mad.
At work, I found out my stupid co-worker deleted one of my files. Actually it was our trainee's file she needed to finish. SO yes, she wasn't finished with her work there, and we both were supposed to finish it today. Together. I never let her do it alone, so I could help her out and all. And on Saturday, that stupid co-worker saw that we both were working on it and she heard that I told our trainee that we both will be working on it again on Tuesday (well today) and finish it up. She heard it. What did she do?! Delete the whole thing. We worked hard on it, and now it is gone!!!!!
If you haven't read from maybe June of last year...you may not know that...but I adore my co-worker so much. Ok, that's a lie. I can't stand her. She can't stand me either. It's a hate-hate relationship...who am I kidding...it's a hate-hate situation!!!! But why the freakin' hell did she decide to delete it?! A nice co-worker of mine told me she overheard her mumble something like "this file bothers me". Now I wonder what bothered her. The titles for our trainee's school binders or what?! Yes, that simple. And a letter she needed to write, too. A letter to her school director...neatly and nicely written...a couple of pages long. Hello?! What the hell bothers her? She didn't write it (Thank goodness she didn't, otherwise it would have been flawed), she doesn't need to use it and it so doesn't take up space on our computers!!!!!! Worst of all...this little file bothers her? She's got her own HUGE file with private pictures in it and THAT doesn't bother anyone (ok, it does bother me, but who am I deleting it?!...on second thought I should delete her file after all...it does bother me...).

So, I started Tuesday quite mad at the fact that I didn't see a key at 6.10 am (right before I left for work), and mad at the fact that my trainee told me she didn't finish her papers on Saturday, saved it and told our stupid co-worker that we'd finish everything up today...and I find out the file's gone! Foreva!!!!
Two things...oh no wait...there's a third one.

Two machines at work needed to be checked today. Routine work. Done maybe twice or so a year. I was notified yesterday that they'd come in today. Time didn't work for us so the nice lady there and I both agreed on 1 pm and 2.30 pm. We called each other like three times. I told her specifically that it is impossible to come in the morning and she understood...and then called me to confirm the times again and additionally told me that there was some sort of an emergency someplace else so 1 pm would be the earliest someone would get to our machines. Fine by me.
Yeah right...at 10 am one guy shows up. He just came it, passed by and didn't introduce himself to me. How the hell am I supposed to know who that guy is?! We have hundreds of people walking by. We are remodeling our place, too, and I simply cannot look up every time the door opens. PLUS, when you've got an appointment you ALWAYS check in first and sort of say "hi, I'm Mr/Mrs....I'm supposed to do this or that or whatever"...but not that guy. As furious as I already was...I kinda shocked that guy with my bluntness. He thought little me wasn't able to say those words and confront him about his rudeness and him being so unprofessional. Worst of all...our housekeeping manager saw him too and was quite shocked (timinig was so off for him) and he calmly said that I SAID IT WAS OKAY TO COME IN BY 10 (and get this) IF NOT EARLIER.    Excuse me?! Not with me dude! You might have heard me speak a different language the minute you walked in and literally sneaked in, but don't think I can't tell you how wrong you are. I think I gave him a heart attack. A quick one. After that, he tried to ignore me and basically tried not to face me but I made sure he would see me all the time. I'm that nice!

Gosh, was I pissed.
I still am.
I'm calming down though.

Today, I got my jeans back, and I finally bought my new sneakers. Sketchers of course. I love them. :)
Let's hope they love me too.
That's a happy note!

I am so incredibly sorry this post ended up being this long...I never thought I had so much to say.
Then again I'm sure I could have shortened it a bit but my anger is just there and I needed to vent and now the steam is gone...I'm heading downstairs checking if my machine is available now.
I will never ever write this much again. Oh boy.
Your eyes must be sore now. Mine are!!
You might be mad at me.
Maybe disappointed. (hope not)
It was one of those days.
Then again, didn't we all once agree on the fact that our blogs are our blogs and we can say and write whatever we want to share and say and write?! So that's what I did. Enjoy it. Hate it. Or whatever.
I'm going to feel a lot better by tomorrow! :) Promised!

I'm done with today....
...may my awesome three days of NO WORK AT ALL...be more awesome than the last ones...with nothing but sleep, food, books, tv, and maybe some work-out thing in between....

...the angry one!


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Mara said...

hope your day turns around Selma!

Katie said...

that was a long post, but I made it!

I would have been SO pissed if someone stole the washer!!! WTF!? So rude!!!!!!


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