February 23, 2010

How Good It Can Be

So, I'm way behind everything and it won't get better.
I've been busy working, and getting better...I am dealing with some silly and very annoying stomach flu, on top of everything my right hand started to hurt or let's just say my index finger (but now I actually feel it is also my right ring finger)...so of course typing hurts like hell (excuse me but it's true) and it's just not funny anymore. Oh and a few of you know *thanks to my uncool twitter post yesterday* that my ear is infected, too. YAY!! How lovely is that?! I hate it all. I want to be healthy! What has gotten into my precious body and hit me so hard?! I have no clue and frankly I don't want to know. All I wanna know is how I'm going to get better. Soon. Like right now. Boo on this week...oh well...today is Friday (yes I know it's Tuesday, but to me it is Friday) and my weekend's about to start, so I'm gonna rest a lot, drink a lot of healthy stuff and try to get better A.S.A.P. 
March is around the corner everyone!!! And whether or not things, or the weather, or whatever work with or seem to be on my side to me March means spring time and I won't allow anyone to say or think otherwise. Ok, you can think what you want but I'm announcing the beginning of spring as of Monday, March 1st!!!! Woohoo!!!

Oh I'm in pain right now so I'm gonna keep this short. *yeah right*
I think there's an award waiting for me somewhere and if you haven't heard from me about it, or think I will ignore it or whatever I won't. I also don't ignore all of your lovely comments, and posts and stories. I may sometimes comment, sometimes I may not. Don't feel sad if I don't, and don't jump like a funny, cute and crazy person around if you get a quick "hello" from my side of the world. I want to comment on everything and all the time, but sometimes I can't. Sometimes I don't feel like it and then my sentences come out wrong and it may be interpreted differently so I usually skip the commenting. But yeah, I'm here and I read your stuff...slowly but I am reading it all.
I just haven't gotten any time to check new followers out (sorry guys, but I sure will...for sure...I already sneak-peeked and loved what I saw, so yay on your blogs as well!!), and I haven't really gotten around writing much or thinking or whatever. I feel bad, but I also know you are understanding and think it is ok. Right????!!!!!??? Prrrrrrreaaaaassse?! ;-)

So well, I'm still in pain and it's ridiculous what I can write even when I feel horrible.
Maybe it's my way to ignore the pain, or my mind thinks writing helps (because, yes, that's what I've been telling myself for the past few months or so)...but when fingers hurt writing doesn't help much. So, hopefully my mind stops thinking soon and let's me rest of a few hours and then get better. We'll see about that. Plus, I don't want to stay away from this blog world too long. Why?! If you've been away for a while you know the feeling. You may be doing different things instead of blogging but there's always something missing. So for the past few days even though I was partially blogging something was already missing...maybe the fact that I couldn't connect more to all of you...who knows...but well, let's stop my mind now...I need to rest my hand...

...but before I do *and I thought this would be a quick post* I wanted to share something with you. Remember my time in Istanbul last fall?! If not, click on here, here, here or here.

Well, it's my city. My everything. More or less. It's home. I didn't grow up there but I have family there and friends, and every time I return part of me feels at home, and every time I leave this marvelous city part of me stays, too. As a little girl I went to Istanbul (and other parts of Turkey) pretty much every summer...part of a family reunion thing and just vacation at home away from home. Huh? Confused. Me too. ;)
Anyways...so, today at work I watched CNN...ok I didn't, but I was passing by the TV at work and what I saw I liked and what I like I try to share and here you go...I don't like the music of this "commercial" but the rest is ok.

But then, watching it again I kinda didn't like it anymore. So I found this one.

And this one really brought homesick tears back onto my face. Happy tears!!! I freakin' love that city! :)
But as you may have guessed...I couldn't stop and found this interesting video. Gotta love youtube and whoever puts videos on there. Thanks!!!! :)
So, if you are interested in Istanbul, or the history, or the views, or the whatever...or just what interests me and makes me who I am...here is another one... *kinda long...sorry*

I actually found a lot more videos but thought this was enough.
Don't want to bore you, frustrate you, or whatever.
Besides, I think this is enough for today...no more video overload for your eyes. ;)
At least for today. ;)

Have a good day.
Way better than mine I hope.



Jenni said...

Feel better!!!! I'm sorry everything is kind of crappy right now.....

Katie said...

yuck to the pain! I hope it gets better, relax when you get the chance!!!

samnhal said...

Oh no, I can't believe that you're that sick. Well, if you're on antibiotics start taking some probiotics to help out your guts because if the flora and what not in your tummy and intestines isn't restored you can keep getting sick. It helps tons. I hope you get better soon.

Malin said...

Hope you feel better soon sweets!! It's no fun this being sick thing is it?? Boo to illnesses!! (And the stupid thing with uni here in Mex is that you can't have absences... Which meant I was in today WITH a fever... :( )

Yay for possible Europe trip though :D :D :D ;)

Mara said...

oh no! The stomach flu too?? Feel better ASAP! I hate being sick. What cool videos too :)

OceanDreams said...

feel so much better sweetie and give your mind a rest! I'm glad you are on our blog world!

angela.kolachny said...

aww girl, I really hope you feel better soon! you are probably just on work overload and you need to get lots and LOTS of rest! take it easy (maybe line up a personal day??)! xoxo

♥ Katinka said...

Hope you feel better soon! BIIIIIIG HUG!!!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Feel better soon!!!!


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