February 2, 2010

Happy Morning Everyone!

This week has gone by so quickly. You may think...what?! It's only Tuesday...sure it is. But it's sort of Friday for me, or Thursday if you will, and I'm gonna have three days off from tomorrow on!! Woohoo!!! And best of all after that I work Saturday and Sunday as usual, and only Monday...have two days off again, work again on Thursday and have another day off on Friday. Feels like heaven!! Confused? No prob. I know the drill.

It's that time of year again when the so-called fifth season happens...and only for one week. I'm okay with that.
It's Carnival time...imagine Mardi Gras down in Louisiana, and a bit of the carnival in Rio (just the temps are way off)...and you sort of got a fun mixture of what it sort of looks and sounds like over here. One big mess, loud, messy, dirty (depends on the weather), lots of drunk people dancing and singing, lots of eating, lots of fun, and just so not a lot of sleep!!!! I do have to work those days but I was fortunate enough to get the days off before and after so I can go party right after work, sober up (as if I'm drinking!...ok, maybe a little), and just catch up on sleep because we all know I do need my beauty sleep otherwise life's not funny anymore.

And yes, in between all those crazy festivities it's going to be the only day I dread because I just do.
But in all honesty...I kinda love that day with its hearts and pink and red colors etc etc etc...so well...guess what?! I found pictures....and just felt like sharing some. Have fun!

 all via We ♥ It!
Love the last picture...kinda cute, isn't it?!



ChloƩ said...

aww! i love these pictures! and i missed you! have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!!!!!!

Katie said...

YAHOOO!!! Enjoy your days off!!

Annie said...

i like the pretty pink pictures and the birdie pic is adorable :)
i hope you are enjoying your day off hun!

samnhal said...

Please Selma, Please take pictures of the carnival. I may never make it to Europe to experience these sort of things, so let me live through you.

♥ Katinka said...

awww, selma, this is so cute :) love the pictures.
oh yea and I hate Karneval (at least the German one) lol


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