February 7, 2010

A bit more than 3 days...

...and this city's going to be insanely crazy. Think of Mardi Gras, Halloween and some sort of food/drink/game festival...mix it all together...all measured correctly and you get Fasnacht (that is what they call it over here). I am going to try and take pictures, promised. But just in case I fail here's already a few videos on what it may look and sound like on Thursday morning (right at 5 in the freakin' morning). My eyes are going to be mad at me. :(

Traditional costumes, traditional masks, and a huge explosion to start this so-called fifth season.
People all happy and excited that it is NOW (after the explosion) official carnival season. 
Not sure if I'll see the arrival of that traditional boat and all but it's going to be fun.
I think this the video was made by the local newspaper here...or part of the entertainment part or whatever.
Anyways...the "figures", well, people, on that boat are the city's main symbols/character/people/mascot/you name it. There are murals in the city with those weird looking people on them. A restaurant is even named after them. They never were real, but it is said they were and every year around this time they appear again and walk around the city, greet people at 5am on Thursday morning and enjoy themselves in certain restaurants. Each year someone else gets the honor to be wearing those costumes. It's tradition. Quite funny actually, but I love tradition so I'm not going to make jokes about it.

And yes, they are throwing out oranges. And I am never ever in that giant mess of people...I'm always somewhere far away so I can breathe and watch...not get squeezed like a hot dog between so many crazy ones...haha!!! So not me.

Both videos are from 2009 and 2007...obviously I can't share anything from this year.

And yes, everything is pretty much held outside. This city's carnival is not held inside (like in most other cities or countries), and even though they are a few places you can go inside and apparently "enjoy" the festivities...it's not "authentic". The real deal happens outside, no matter what the weather!!!!! And yes, even when it pours down like crazy it's all happening. Fun!!!

During the day it is a bit quieter than at night/early morning.
Parades are held at 2 pm on Thursday and on Monday.
Whoever plays in a "band" usually takes one or even two weeks off.
Some have to work around it, but mostly it's done this way.
At night it usually lasts until no one can stand anymore etc...Thursdays it is still an okay day (not too hectic, and no big mess), but Mondays and Tuesdays...people usually stay out until dawn!! If not longer! One year I went home around noon...whoops! Luckily I could sleep for the next two days so it's all good!!!

Oh one more video...actually one of my favorite groups.
The music's not that bad. It's sorta okay. Oh yeah, officially it is not a bad thing to play wrong or so...that would be very okay and very traditional. So most of those playing never really learned how to play an instrument before, and picked it up somewhere along the way.

And if your eyes and ears hurt now. Don't worry...no more videos from my side.
No more traditional talk blablabla...I don't even know everything and what I do know about this carnival works for me. It's definitely enough.
My ears hurt and my eyes are already swollen. ;)

Even listening to this now doesn't really make me excited about next week....hmmmm...maybe when I hear it all live right in front of my work place...who knows. We shall see!!!

Happy Sunday.
I didn't want to post anything today, but oh well...it just so happened.

Have a great day.
Happy Super Bowl Day everyone.
Wish I could watch it live but time difference sucks...so I won't be able to.
I'm gonna be secretely rooting for one team though!!!!! ;-)
Know which one???? ;-)

Over and Out.




Jen said...

Your blog is so cute :) Just found it from the Seattle Smith's!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think that would be really awesome and fun to take part in. However, at night I'd be all about the no noise.

Pam said...

What a fun and yummy blog you have!

Stay well and have fun!


Design A-Peele said...

so glad you stopped by my giveaway! if you ever need anything from Stella & dot let me know. I'll get you discounted shipping! have a great day!

♥ Katinka said...

Hey Girl, got another Blog Award for you XOXO

Mara said...

that sounds so fun! have a great time!

samnhal said...

Nice new signature button dealio. Thanks for sharing those videos. It seems like a crazy party! I am still counting on seeing pictures with you in them of your awesome time there.

xoxoKrysten said...

Holy cow sounds like an awesome time. Have fun!

Jess said...

That looks so wild/fun! I love big cultural events & festivals. Hope to see pics!!

Have a great week :)

OceanDreams said...

What fun cultural events and music hun! I hope you had a great weekend. :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

This looks wild! I want to come visit you!


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