February 18, 2010

Sober, Relaxed, and Satisfied

Remember, I wasn't at all into the carnival season. I wasn't looking forward to it, and I wasn't really feeling it at all. Until Thursday morning...at 3am, when I had to get up to get ready. I love to take showers that early. ;) And, I wasn't the only one...so much for apartments and their funny noises... ;)
And yes, I woke up at 3 in the morning, took a shower so I'd be smelling like a coconut and my hair would be all shiny and soft, ate some breakfast, and then got dressed...three layers of T-shirts, three pairs of socks, leggings, thermo clothes, two layers of huge sweatshirts and a big purple (of course) Mexican hoodie I got about 20 years ago when my friend returned from Mexico and got me that warm thing. Love it. :) And suprprisingly it still fits me. Oh, and two pairs of gloves, my black hat and scarf and I was ready. Oh yeah...my carnival jeans, too. Bought them a long time ago but can't wear them anymore unless it's carnival time. They have big pockets so I can store stuff (money, tissues, cellphone, lipbalm, eyedrops, chewing gum, and such). They are so worn and so dirty it's only good during this fifth season each year. ;) It gets dirty during this time of year. No new clothes allowed, unless you don't mind crying over the fact that that dirt on them won't ever go away. Those stains stay forever...sadly.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I had to work during those crazy days. Not only on Thursday, but also Saturday and then Monday and Tuesday. Ash Wednesday though I had the day off. I survived though. Yes. And had a few moments to take pictures. Not the best, and not at all what I wanted but hey, I'm not complaining. The following pics are taken by me unless otherwise stated. I take the full blame for all those ugly and blurry pictures. haha! ;) Taking pics at barely 5 am isn't easy, so much I know now. ;)
And well, I was scared my camera would get broken or stolen or I would get beaten up by drunk teenagers (yes, sadly...this has increased, but fortunately, they hardly ever came close to where we were standing, dancing, etc etc...they drink, but stay away from the fun...they don't know what fun means!!!), so I tried to take Pembe with me during the day and then left her at home at night. And yes, most fun happens at night. Until maybe 4 am...or later. Who knows. ;)

Let's start...
I managed to take a pic of that traditional boat...arriving in the city right at 5 am.
Of course it snowed the entire morning, hence those white spots! ;)
Awesome costume. :)
They had their own little seats with them, so here they are sitting 
and waiting for people to notice them. I sure did!

Now the traditional stuff...and ya know I love tradition...
There's this square in town and its fountain is famous, and a true symbol of this city.
Of course those traditional masks and city "carnival mascots" gather there (after their arrival and walk towards that square), and then wait till thousands of confetti falls on them. They also throw out oranges...and yell stuff etc. Quite funny. Quite intriguing too, and well...messy and hot and crowded.

Here, people are waiting for those traditional ones to come to the fountain.

Here, the giant mess of confetti falling onto everyone.

It's an amazing view. So glad I found those pictures.

He's very excited. One of the traditional ones... :D

The "family" waiting to go into the city hall.
Believe it or not, I was standing a tiny bit to the left of that picture...next to that police person...
...I tried to take a picture but failed because my camera was a bit cold and refused to work so early.
My favorite building in the city, especially during this time of year.
Kinda loved the fact that it was snowing...gave it some unique touch.

And then we were walking through tons of people, heading to different squares where there was lots of music and lots of people we knew and all.
I even spotted this handsome guy.
*He just couldn't remember the next day!*
*No wonder, it was 5.35 am, and that my friends is early for a six-year old.*
I'm so proud of you!!!  :-))

Then, I had to go to work. At 6.30 the fun was over.
However, I was glad because it continued snowing and it wasn't much fun to stay outside.
But then it stopped and I heard sounds so I headed out and waited at the door (with my work phone in tow, just in case...but no call came in)...and I saw these guys passing by. The traditional ones...
He waved at me. Obviously.
Looks like a drunk "Fritschi" *yes, his name* but a "cute" one...love traditions.
And those masks are super old...way too old. :D
I'm not sure what they're doing with this.
Smoking? Brewing? Praying? Hmmm...
...either way, they all belong to two special guilds in this town, founded in the 1500s.
My friend stopped by. With her kids. But they were way too shy (which is weird because they're NOT at all shy, especially not when there's a camera around!)...she was shy too so she put her fake face on. ;)
That's what a balcony looked liked.
Loved the confetti on the snow. So romantic.

And now...some random shots...from Thursday and Monday afternoon on my way home (right after the parade or before, so people aren't around or hardly around and little me has space to take pictures), and from Saturday afternoon.


Yes, real horses are used, too! :)
Another traditional mask and all...they "scare" people...
...as a kid I was terrified of these "creatures"...not anymore though. Ok, a little.
I missed to take the pic as the lady there jumped away!! :(
Another one of my friends getting ready...and sorta hiding behind her mask.
He helped to scare winter away! :)

One video...
...this is the traditional way to start this carnival season.
Lots of paper falling onto thousands of people...and everyone's sqeezed in like a hot dog or so.
I don't like this part. I stayed out of it and waited at the water, and then heard the balloon explosions with the paper and from there walked through the streets! :)
And yes, no one's shooting...it's the balloons exploding on top of everyone! :D

 For more videos click HERE

I tried real hard to find pictures. Not as easy.
Also not easy to take pictures. I tried my best.
Sorry if I disappointed you all. ;-)

All pictures that are via www.zisch.ch were taken by Heinz Steimann of the Carnival Committee of Luzern, René Meier of Zisch, and Boris Bürgisser of LZ (newspaper).

Well, and I think I mentioned once that I got flowers for Vday...here they are...

Taken this afternoon. Still beautiful. Slowly leaving me...but still beautiful. :D

Oh and if you were wondering what I looked like at the carnival season...keep on guessing...haha!
You all know what I looked like at work...Hello Kitty!!!!!! YUP. No kidding there.
But outside...I was wearing my old costume in black/white/silver (boring I know) and I had a lot more clothes on underneath than stated earlier...thankgoodness those costumes don't make you look fat. At all. ;-)

Please disregard the fact that my face's ugly and I'm super tired! Look at my eyes!! UGLY and so small!!!
I just slept like four hours that day so yeah...oh and yes, I had a bad hair day that evening too. :(
But no one cares during this time of year anyway!!!!
Thank you.

Have an amazing day.
And yes, if your eyes are sore by now... :) Sorry about that.

P.s. and today I'm finally all okay again...all sober and happy. Sober in terms of warm again and not at all sleepy anymore! Woohoo! :D


♥ Katinka said...

The photos are great. Totally reminds me of Germany :) I'm not really into "Karneval" but it's fun to see other people go crazy. lol
have a great day girl xoxo

Tokyo Girl said...

These pictures are GREAT. I'm now reminiscing the few months a year I used to spend in Basel :) Enjoy Carnival Season!

Aura. said...

Wow, your photos are amazing! Carnival looks so fun, even busier than the Olypmics! On my list to visit someday...

my name is lauren. said...

hahaha! that costumed picture of you is awesome.

my favorite crazy costume was the hedgehog family...or whatever they were. awesome.

Mara said...

wow that looks like so much fun! And you have a great costume!

Katie said...

omg! great pictures!!! I can't even focus on just one, they were all great!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Those pictures are great! It looks like a blast!!

Annie said...

what awesome pictures!! it looks like so much fun!!
all the costumes are so cool! i've never seen anything like this.
your picture is cute even if you have sleepy eyes ;)

Anonymous said...

Fun! reminds me of Mardi Gras! Great costume :) Love your flowers!

Jess said...

These are so great—and wild! Never seen anything like it! Sounds like it was crazy and fun :)

samnhal said...

How did I miss this post? I am so excited that you took pictures, thanks Selma. The carnival looks like SO much fun. What an amazing tradition. Maybe someday I'll get to see it.

Selma said...

Ah...I only took those for you Sam. ;) Haha. I of course took them for everyone, but yes, I promised you I would take them and yes, there they are. So glad you got to see them thoguh. :D And yes, hopefully one day you can come visit and experience it too. OK?! xoxo


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