February 3, 2010

Slow Down...Take It Easy!!!!

It's all good now!!
I'm relaxed, and I'm not mad or angry or whatever anymore.
I always say that writing helps and I believe it helped me.
So sorry if you even read my last post...I'm amazed I was able to write this much and this weird!!!
It's so not me. So, if you were shocked, offended or whatever...consider this my apology.
I'm doing good now. I'm all chill, it's my day off and I won't bother my happy mood with all that gross stuff going on around me. Besides...I solved the machine problem!!!! No comment there. Just for the record, the person apologized to me! Woohoo!!!

via We ♥ It!
I'm gonna use this quote for the rest of my life!!!!!!

Today, I won't post any Wishful Wednesday post nor Where in the World Wednesday or whatever. I just don't feel like it. I hope you don't mind that. Just not today! Maybe next week again. This doesn't mean I'm ignoring what you're going to post - so not...I'm definitely gonna read everything and hopefully find enough time to comment also! :)

What I wanted to share with you today is a video clip (or song or something like that) that's been quite present and just so common over here on TV. The commercial itself usually comes around 6 or 7 pm and it's so fast I hardly see it but I hear its song. This has somewhat become quite popular around here...people put stickers on their cars with that commercial's slogan (or my post title)...even facebook has a group for everyone who loves that commercial/song/whatever. Kinda creepy...but with a good message. Wonder if it works. Some day maybe.

The video now is one I haven't seen on TV but just found on youtube.com. Bless that site!
Ignore the subtitles...unless you speak German! ;)
At the beginning it sort of says "Once upon a time at a Swiss highway/freeway (autobahn)"...later on it says "3 weeks later" ...just so you kinda get what it means...the rest is pretty easy to understand. ;)

If you want to hear the entire song...watch this...
Very ridiculous but it's huge here...they play that song on the radio too and every time I hear it I want to scream and sing along at the same time...it's catchy and so annoying. :(

I have no idea who those people are but they sort of got it all right.
People don't know how to drive. When it's icy or just wet they don't slow down. They rather speed up. And well, let me not talk about speed limits and all. My friends (the drivers) might think I'm constantly and annoyingly trying to prove that things are wrong here but driving is a privilege and not a right and some have very much mistaken this! Just because you sit behind a wheel doesn't mean you can drive like a freakin' maniac. You're not better just because you sit and have something in your hand to stir around. Ok, this sounds weird but you know what I mean. Twice in the past five days I was almost hit by some stupid person behind the wheel. Daylight, no traffic in the city, me crossing the street right where everyone crosses because it's where the light is and the crosswalk etc...and that car thinks he/she can just drive on when we're crossing the street! He/She even honked at us...what the heck?! We should have been honking at him/her. I didn't see the person because I was quite shocked, so it could have been either one. Now I know some guys would say "typical girl thing, they can't drive" and girls would probably say "typical guy thing - they're nuts". Either way watch where you're driving!!! You ain't better than me.

Oh, this does not mean I don't like driving. I love it.
In here, you just don't need it. It is a convenient thing, yes. But if you truly get over your thing with cars and "the fact that I need one"...you just don't. Public transportation is very good, somewhat affordable, and that's about it. I know places that don't have any public transportation available and if just so barely it's shocking. A car is then a must. You'd be lost within the next five miles without one. In here?! I walk for miles...and I don't care. It's what makes cities interesting. That's when you see the most of any area! :)

So, enough said...I'm gonna take it easy today and just chill...all....day....long!!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!!!



Crazy Shenanigans said...

When I was overseas, I hated driving! I love it here because I of course know all the traffic laws, etc but driving on the other side of the road was just strange for me lol.

samnhal said...

I'm so jealous that the public transportation is so good there. If I didn't have to drive my car for my job I would totally take public transportation. P.S. I totally love that quote, and the picture. It's beautiful.

Mara said...

enjjoy your day and take it easy :

OceanDreams said...

I would totally prefer to walk than drive, but it is so hard in the city! Glad you are doing better today, it's no fun to be mad and upset. Enjoy your day off hun!

♥ Katinka said...

I miss public transportation over here. It makes me mad that I can't go anywhere without having a car. Sucks!

Have an awesome day, Selma!!!!!! XOXO


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