February 5, 2010

Friday Funny!

It is time again for Friday Funny....Thanks Kelly...this is one way to enjoy Fridays!!!
Hop on over to Kelly's blog if you want to play along, and if not, to read more of Friday Funnies.
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Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

So, my funny Friday story is quite cute actually and since I'm not a very good story teller here goes nothing.

I caught up on all those emails in my inbox and told one of my friends (living in Austria at the moment) that I was at work and that things were real slow and I had nothing to do but sit and wait for something to happen. I also managed to work on some other things that needed to be done when the phone rang. Irritated (because phones hardly ever ring on Sundays) I picked up. I spotted the phone number (Austrian country code) and thought it was someone trying to book stuff or have something organized...when my lovely friend M. was on the other line.
Needless to say this phone call was the best thing ever that day, and we had fun catching up on life, work, school, love, whatever...Good times!!! 

While talking to my friend this automatic glass door to my left that goes into another section of the building opens. 
I assumed it was someone coming in or walking by or whatever.
What I didn't expect was a tiny black dog walking by. All by itself!!!!!
At first I thought I dreamed or that my eye sight started to deteriorate because a little tiny black dog can't just walk by itself up so many stairs opening that glass door all by its weight/height etc etc...
Still on the phone I screeched and my friend thought I saw a huge spider or a giant rat or whatever (not that any of that ever happens around here, just saying).
I saw this tiny thing walking by as if nothing was happening. All cool. All chill. All very proud.
It came around to my desk and that was when I knew I wasn't dreaming...
...my friend laughed so hard on the phone it was hilarious. She must have thought I was nuts.
I tried to direct that poor little thing back to where it came from. It didn't let me.
So all my baby voices and baby sounds towards the dog didn't work (I know it is silly but still they are super tiny and I feel I'm smashing them into the ground when I talk normal), and the dog kept staring at me.
For the record...I love dogs, almost any kind. I don't don't like them.
But our place is a pure non-animal institution and seeing a tiny black doggie walking by my window coming from downstairs and opening up heavy (automatic) glass doors is new to me so I kinda freaked for two seconds.
Poor little blackie took a quick look at me again, and then literally walked back to where he came from (all proud and gracious) and waited patiently that the door would open again. Sure did.
After a few minutes I had to go downstairs to get the Sunday paper and I spotted another doggie. Not black but grayish. So I asked them if there was a chance that there's a second one of that kind. Black preferably. Yes it was.
I told them the story and we literally all cracked up at once.
They thought at some point that that dog must have walked away but never imagined the dog visiting me.
So, I had a little and cute encounter with Mr. Blackie.

via google images

It wasn't this dog but I thought it was a cute picture.
Ok, I made that name up because I have no idea what that little thing is called.
So as I said...cute story (I was right there when it all happened and it really cracked me up) but a very bad story teller.
So sorry guys.

I am not saying this story was super funny.
But if you know those automatic doors they are quite moody.
Sometimes they don't even open up for me.
I can wave and move back and forth and still nothing works.
Now imagine a super super teeny tiny doggie with a very sexy shiny collar walking upstairs and literally making that heavy and moody door open without having to jump up and down?!!!!! Yup.
So we had to laugh and it made my day even brighter!!!!

Go check out more funny things out on Kelly's blog.

Happy Funny Friday.


Kelly said...

Oh that is too funny. One of those random things that you hardly ever see-- animals don't just waltz in somewhere, yanno?? I probably would have snatched him up and brought it home :-) Thanks for playing along!!

xoxoKrysten said...

That is totally awesome. Animals rock.

Mara said...

haha that's funny! I love dogs SO much :)

Have a great weekend Selma! xox

♥ Katinka said...

Awesome :)

Iva said...

My lab was Blackie, too, before he passed! He was so awesome!!

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

OceanDreams said...

So cute and I think you are a good story teller, makes me want a puppy, a blackie puppy. ;)

Caroline said...

Have a very sweet weekend!! xo


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