February 19, 2010

Fill In The Blank...

It's Friday again...and even though I'm still trying to recover from a very long week and still trying to fight with my sore body I have some time left to do this. Hop on over to Lauren's blog if you want to play along. If you don't, at least go over there and read what others had to say on this Fill In The Blank Friday! :)

1.  If I could  medal in an olympic event it would be   curling...looks easy but I know it isn't at all what it seems  .

2.  If I was stranded on a deserted island I'd take     a couple of notebooks to document this, a friend in particular or two or three, sunlotion, sunglasses, and a dictionary with me...I would not get bored at all  .

3.     Giant fish *i know how weird this sounds, but when they open their mouths i get all weirded out*     are my most irrational fear.

4.  I'd rather   be eating chocolate *yes, which I hate too* everyday,  than  listening to Swiss country music  everyday.

5.  I am   feeling under the weather or maybe under the milk *haha*...something's not right and I blame it on the milk I just drank .

6.  I should really be    looking for a new job but it's so much easier right now without all the hassle .

7.  One of my favorite things in all the world is    returning home *either city/country*(just walking on airport grounds and knowing I'm already there is the best thing ever; at least for right now!).
Happy Friday everyone.
Time for me to look for some music videos for you all, take a hot bath and then head to bed.

I might skip the music videos...way too exhausted and I feel like Carnival's over and all...but then again...on Monday it all starts again. Luckily not in my city. Thank you. ;)



xoxoKrysten said...

Have a fantastic RELAXING weekend lady!

Simply Me said...

Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend :)

Kristin said...

Landing in Tampa knowing I was about to see my lil' dude was the best feeling ever!

my name is lauren. said...

i think fish are kinda creepy too.

hope you had a good weekend!


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