August 19, 2009


That is what I have to do these days...breathe!

There is so much going on I don't want to deal with these days but simply have to. I'm invited to two birthday parties this week. Just realized that. Not having the slightest clue about these two birthdays showed that I wasn't really paying attention at all to pretty much anything, and that my thoughts were occupied with a lot of other things. Plus, all my friends know that I'm good at birthdays, and know all of them by heart...even those birthdays of people I spoke to or saw years ago. This week, I already missed my cousin's birthday, and now I just realized I'm invited to two other parties. On Friday, I won't go. I know how that party ends...lots of drinks, lots of fun stories and the birthday boy (ok, man!) keeping everyone until dawn. This can't happen because on Saturday morning I'm being picked up at 8.30 so we can drive up to some countryside birthday brunch thing. Tempting really, the brunch...but I dread the people. However, it'll be good for me. I hope so. It'll be good distraction and that is what I need. So, I have to breathe now...really breathe!

Plus, you would think having a whole week off allows you to do what you were supposed to do weeks ago. I haven't been able to look at all at schools or areas. The only good thing I've done so far (still am doing at this very moment, I'm just taking a break) is clean my entire room, get rid of clothes and bags I haven't worn or used in years and just mainly getting rid of junk in general. It's good cleansing - hopefully.

With that said, I better get going...more cleaning and dusting has to be done. The entire living room is empty as well. Literally empty. No furniture, just the TV in the middle of it so I can still watch some stuff...keeps me entertained for a while...I said cleaning...I meant cleaning people!!!

Have a good day!

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