August 3, 2009

Summer Sunday

Ok, I got a little distracted yesterday. I couldn't stop surfing the web. While I was browsing the internet and looking for a potential school, taking breaks on facebook by playing on farm town and some silly restaurant application, I took another break on This was really bad. I got distracted - a lot. Loved it though. I even found THE perfect dress for my friend's wedding. Can you believe it?! I told you I would, but I also knew I'd find it in a store that doesn't exist over here and this is the worst. Needless to say I can't stop looking at that perfect dress (though I will find one, over here, and I know I will soon), and play around being creative.

Today, was, well still is, boring. So, I thought I'd post the above picture letting myself get distracted again. It's not the dress I had in mind for the wedding but it's also nice. It is also a very good inspirational picture...I feel like wearing all that and walking through cherry blossoms, letting the sun find my face and paint it golden...but I digress. Work has been so boring, the only excitement was the police arriving and taking someone in. Yes, correct. You read right. She seemed weird from the beginning on, talked about ridiculous things that didn't make any sense to any of us and came up with stories that weren't close to any truth whatsoever. I felt sorry for her. So did our boss and we had to call the police. We didn't know where she lived or where she actually came from or should go back to so this was the only solution at the moment. Exciting, huh?! Scary, too, because we weren't sure how she'd react to the police but she seemed okay with it. So yes, boring day, and I am stuck at work...and yes, I know I shouldn't be online blogging but it's all good. My job for today is done I just have to wait till my shift is over and that is in another two hours...time goes by so slowly....way too slowly.

Hope your Monday was better than mine.

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Carlito86 said...

Polyvore is too addictive isn't it!



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