August 17, 2009


Good morning everyone!

It feels so good not having an alarm clock making me jump out of bed in the morning. It's almost noon and believe it or not I just woke up!!! Never felt better. Have to say that it's gorgeous outside and I better hurry up and get ready to enjoy some sun.

I'm actually amazed I went online yesterday and posted something. Never thought this would happen. Though it did. Must have been one of those moments I started to feel again. As you know, I haven't been feeling well or myself lately. Not that this has changed much.
However, last week I had this enormously long talk with my lovely friend and "little sister" C. and we both agreed on one thing (and we both better stick to that). Each of us has three goals to look forward to.
Hers are quite simple: going home (which she did this past Saturday), going to a wonderful summer island somewhere in Greece (next week), and seeing her boyfriend again (end of September).
For me, it's almost three and a half things...but who's counting: only three days left before I get off for a while (those three days are gone now, thank you), having a whole week off (which is right now), and looking forward to Istanbul and seeing family and friends again (starting Sept. 20). In between the week off and Istanbul...there is another thing...looking forward to develop myself in terms of finding the right school to continue my studies.
I came to understand that this is what I have to do. If I don't I'll blame myself forever, and I'm already blaming myself. Blame and guilt are bad for me, for everyone really. I need to get rid of these two by doing what I always wanted to do. It's going to fulfill MY life!!!!! Plus, I've just seen pictures of my friend's university and graduation (even though it's a while back) and it made my heart melt. I need this, and I'm going to have it too. Again. It's what I need. Maybe not you, but I do!

So, the goals I set for myself are quite simple too but the last one is going to be a bit tricky. Now I have time for the search. Not sure if I have the energy but the time I sure have.
Besides all this though, I'm really just looking forward to being away from work. It's time. The past week has been weird. That co-worker of mine (and if you read my former entries you know which one I'm talking about) has been nice. Way too nice. Almost scary nice. Not sure why. Not so sure if I want to know why. It's just scary. Weird and odd. Others have noticed too and we are all wondering why. Either way it's been an interesting week. But it didn't change my feelings towards that person nor the whole messy situation. I'm hanging in there and I'm dealing with it but trust me when I say I'm counting the days....

As mentioned quickly yesterday I went on a spontaneous road trip with my dear friend I. Even though I think I was feeling sick (not just from the night before, just for the record) we enjoyed driving about two hours north and exploring a new city. It's right at the border to Germany and it was our first time being there. I think she'd been there before and hardly remembered things so I call it her first visit, too. We had fun strolling around the old town, eating lunch, and enjoying the sun. Here are a few pictures, including my left foot...enjoy! Oh yeah, the last one is one of many funny-looking fountains throughout that city. ;)

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