August 8, 2009

Happy Saturday!!!

I just had a real long talk with my neighbor's cat. She's been visiting me for quite some time. She's super cute but so hairy. Plus, even though I like cats I don't need one near me at this very moment plus she's practically a stranger!! ;-) So, I told her that she's welcome to visit and stay on my side, but, and this is the most important thing, that she's not allowed near or on the plants. Her look said it all: Yeah, whatever don't understand me and I just see you open and close your mouth...that's it. Whatever you are doing or saying I don't hear or don't wanna hear that. Hmmm, those green plants look nice... I'm done talking to her. She better behaves when I'm gone today!

Saturday, in all its glory. Plus, I feel like I'm repeating myself but it's raining again!
Yes, it's supposed to be summer and all sunny and warm but it seems that warmth lingers around whereas the sun decided to move away. Weekend's supposed to be fun and time to go out and explore the area etc but all I'm doing today is sitting here in front of my laptop and surfing the web. Everything is gray and wet outside. Way too ugly to go out. Oh, I almost forgot...tonight is Casino night. I'm almost ready, have put out a couple of options on what to wear. Not entirely sure what it's going to be but all in all I'm positive about tonight. It'll be fun! Wish me luck!!!! ;)

Hope you have some excitement planned for tonight or even the entire weekend!
Enjoy it.

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