August 4, 2009

Going Home - So To Speak

Tuesday, 5.30pm, click and click and print and voila...the flight is booked!

It is official. On September 20 I'm flying to Istanbul! I'm so excited it's impossible to describe it in words. Remember, when I talked about my friend getting married and that I am invited and also hesitant about it because going to a wedding stag is just plain boring? Well, guess what?! I'm not going alone!!!!!!! This is the best Tuesday morning gift ever.
Again, a rough morning, hardly any sleep and lots to do at work. I was fed up with silly questions and incredibly ridiculous stuff that I took the liberty to go online and check my emails. My favorite girl in the whole wide world wrote back to me and told me she was going to be in Istanbul as well. I wanted to instantly walk through that computer and give my cousin a huge hug - one she definitely deserved. All the pressure and all the questions and visions disappeared. I was, well, am certainly relieved. Now, I can sleep better. I won't be alone!!!!! YEAH!!!
Ok, this may sound weird to you or just silly but going to a wedding in Turkey alone is not something I envisioned myself doing. Plus, it'll be my first time attending two (!!!!) Turkish weddings. Yes, right, two! Two days after my friend's wedding (I'm super excited for her) my cousin's friend is getting married too and if I'm not mistaken I think I know her too and even if not...two weddings in one week...can't complain!!!!
NOW, all I have to do is find the right dress. Or basically two right dresses. Don't want to wear the same twice in the same week. My mission now is to find the perfect dress showing off all my lovely features but also not giving out too much. Sexy but classy. Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into?! A lot of fun and excitement I'm sure. Five weeks of driving every single store in town crazy...wish me luck. And if you ever read about a crazy girl in Europe rushing from one store to another encouraging herself every time to try one at least five different dresses and then walking out of all the stores without one single bag - that might me. I can just see myself walking my butt off and not getting or finding what I have in mind. Wish me luck!!! I so need it!

Here I go again...flying to a place I call home and still feel weird about it. That, my lovelies, is a long story. One I might once day write about. However, as I mentioned earlier I'm sure I'm going to have a blast!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So, so exciting! I'm really excited to see your pictures from there.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I'll try my very best when I'm there not to look like a tourist but capture every beauty of that city! :D


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