August 29, 2009

Here It Goes Again...

Last night after work I wasn't able to sleep so I watched some TV. Nothing exciting was one, so I ended up watching the worst! Wife Swap was on, and even though I so don't watch this show my eyes were glued to the screen last night. One family living in San Francisco, the other one in Iowa. Very different, very scary and weird! It felt like as if the family from Iowa lived on a different planet eating nothing else but raw stuff, and living in a house where bacteria is a good friend and where cleaning supplies don't exist. Either way, I don't want to get into this topic too much because to me it is very disturbing, plus, I couldn't find a link to show you a least a little bit about this so you get an idea...but being me and now having a full idea of how they live and how others may live as well (I'm not saying it's bad, it is just very disturbing to me and not normal, but that is my honest opinion - who licks their kitchen floor? I so don't!) I am in desperate need of distraction and inspiration...all colorful and happy!!!



Have a terrific weekend!
Don't watch TV!!!!


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