August 21, 2009

Early Bird In Music Search

You would think now that I have the time to sleep in and all I would take advantage of all that and do it. Unfortunately, I'm not. I woke up at around 7.30 this morning which in my eyes is incredibly early. Then again, it's been over 90 degrees for the past few days, and yesterday supposedly was the hottest day of summer. Sleeping wasn't easy. Main reason on my part was that I got sunburned yesterday on my lovely shoulders and believe it or not on my face, too. How awful is that?! I hate when that happens. I put on a lot of sunscreen and tried to stay in the shade but the mountain sun wanted me, and got me! I look like a freshly harvested tomato! Yummy!

Today though, while trying to do as much as even possible today I took a sheet of paper I found lying around and scribbled on it what I absolutely need to do today:
  • write a letter to my dear friend A.
  • find more prospective schools so the whole search gets more complicated
  • write a long email to my lovely friend M.
  • read ten more chapters
  • clean out my closet because I know I have at least 30 things in there I don't need anymore
  • go grocery shopping
  • bake muffins
Oh, I'm also trying to find new songs to complete a summer CD. I create my own CDs with songs I either got from a bunch of CDs I already own or from songs I downloaded. Nice mixtures. I love doing this. The more unknown the better. Nothing against the songs they constantly play on the radio but new artists or those not so known over here are more appealing to me. Plus, I'm sure my friend S. possibly agrees with me that I do have special taste in music! Special, not bad. ;)

So, this is where you come in my lovely readers... ...any good ideas for good songs? Or Albums? Or whatever else? Anything, really.

I'm literally lost. My head is spinning and I can't find anything at the moment.

In the are a few pictures I took while going up the mountain!

Houses and apartments all underneath us...

We could have walked too but decided not to

Oh, my bag is in the picture, too...

The city...from a different perspective


Sara said...

I love grass...I really do. And as for songs, I am not sure, but maybe you could make a CD of songs that would forever remind you of this summer, I would definitely add stereo love. Which is far from the type of music I usually listen to, but, oh well..

I think it is a very relative matter :)

Selma said...

Thanks for stopping by. And yes, you would have loved it up there. Everything was green and full of grass. :D

Carol said...

Beautiful views!


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