August 16, 2009

Sunday Recap...

Things I've loved for the past five days:

1) Alessandro (just the name. Ok, I admit it, the guy too. But it's really just the name!!)
2) The fact that I'm actually about to finish the book. Finally.
3) Two movies: the hangover, and the proposal.
4) A fun and very long night on Wednesday.
5) Thursday's spontaneous road trip with my friend I.
6) Summer finally returning.
7) Being alone at home and playing housewife.
8) Daily visits by my neighbor's cat (I even gave her a name).
9) Having paid all the bills again.
10) And finally...knowing that I'll be having off for an entire week, actually it's nine full days and not having to deal with everyone and everything!!!!

Things I'm going to miss in the next few days:

1) Alessandro (oh how cute, I'm such a dork!!)
2) My "little sister"; she left Saturday early morning.
3) My friend M. who's going home on Tuesday.
4) The opportunity to speak English, German, and a mixture of Spanish, French and Italian.
5) Free food and drinks.

I'm glad there is more to what I'd loved than what I'm going to miss.
This past week has been filled with the usual craziness and laziness on my part. At work I felt weird, whenever I arrived I felt sick (a sign to me that this has to change immediately), at home I felt like an old lady talking to a cat that didn't even belong to me (she's so cute though). On my days off I went to see movies, went out with my "little sister" celebrating her 18th birthday (I totally forgot how old I actually am!!!) and went on a spontaneous road trip. I even managed to do laundry, clean the house and read! I'm impressed. This all lead to not being able to write much on here, which would have probably been nonsense anyhow so it is better I didn't.

I said good-bye to my little one. She's now back home in Austria most probably celebrating her birthday again...with all her friends from school. I'm gonna miss her. She's always been my daily inspiration - fun and happy girl! Today I'm going to say good-bye to another friend, too. It's that time of year again. I'm glad it's hopefully the last time I experience this. All I know though is that by saying good-bye (I refer to it as "see you's" - not as definite) part of this and every other summer slowly diminishes. We are all grown ups and know how to use the internet and therefore stay in touch...who knows, maybe even forever. Positive thinking!!!! ;)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
In two hours I'm back at work...grrrr....last day! Positive thinking, Selma...positive thinking!!!

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I'm going to see The Hangover in a couple of hours and I saw The Proposal last week, I LOVED it!! It takes two to make a thing go ri-ghtttt ...lmao



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