August 21, 2009

Morning Music

Woke up early, getting ready and all...and I am not in the mood to even get dressed today but I have to. I'm going to this birthday brunch party and I'm being picked up in less than one hour. Grrrr...however, music is always something that keeps me going. Certain songs remind me of certain good (or bad, or sad) times, and make my world more colorful. I think this is a very good thing. Either way, this morning, well, now actually...I feel like going back to bed. Then, turning the radio on my boys are singing....that was pure morning inspiration. Posted something a while ago about these Germans and will now post something else.
Hello morning music inspiration!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

1 comment :

My Wooden Heart said...

OMG, I think I like this version of Delilah better. This is AWESOME.


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