August 21, 2009

Friday Evening Inspiration

That's this picture...inspiration. Or, a way to look back at what happened. And, how beautiful the day was. These leaves seem so warm and welcoming. Something we all need sometimes.

Most of the tasks I wanted to start and hopefully finished are done. I'm very proud of myself. The only thing I'm still stuck with is that never ending school search. This was never easy, and never will be. My eyes are sore from sitting in front of a computer trying to read everything and take note and all...time for me to go out and eat dinner! Yes, I'm eating out tonight. I have no idea what to cook today so eating out seemed appropriate for a change. Though I have to hurry back home because Criminal Minds is on and I can't miss that one! Have missed way too much already...can't let that happen!!!

Happy Friday! And happy weekend!!!!!

1 comment :

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Love that photo! Have you've had a great weekend!


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