August 9, 2009

Come On, Come On

Honey, come on let's go home!
Darling!!! Come on or you'll stay on the coach and I'll enjoy the bed on my own.
Sweetie, let's go now. Please stop talking to strangers. Thank you. Come on honey bunny.
Ok, that is it. No sex tonight! Absolutely none!!!!

That's how our conversation went on Saturday, well, Sunday early morning.
Not the entire speech but it gives you an idea. ;-)

Well, let's recall what happened:
Saturday was Casino Night. First we had drinks at a fancy bar overlooking the entire city, then we headed to the restaurant located in the casino. Perfect dinner, excellent service and wine, and interesting conversations. I mostly ended up talking to the left side of the table and ignored the right side. So much for seating arrangements. Plus, you can't talk to everyone. One of my friends and I aren't really talking anymore and if we do it's mainly short, direct and not friendly (although we don't yell nor curse at each other, it's just plain cold talk). Honestly, I didn't care. I'm adult enough to handle and live with this fact. So, the right side got ignored. Another friend of mine has to have right all the time even when he's totally wrong. Arguments are a ton of fun and so challenging. Plus, he loves to hear himself win and have a say in pretty much everything. Trust me, I never gave in because I for once knew I was right on my part and he wasn't. Sorry M.!! *muuaaahhh*
Oh, we were also given $25 worth of chips (or whatever you call those) and I played and won eventually $95! Not much, but I ended up being the only one of our party (and we were four girls and five guys) winning that night. Thank you BlackJack!
Dancing and celebrating afterwards was quite amusing considering our guys went crazy and my friend C. and I were hit on by a girl from New York. Very amusing! Walking home around four in the morning... we bumped into my cousin on the way, tried to stop our guys from flirting with strange (and very unsexy and cheap-looking) girls and had fun teaching the male gender some lesson. The conversation above sums it up a little. They learned what it meant to go our with us and leave us practically stranded on the street just so they could hit on girls on the way home. What about us?! Hello?! So, the "honey, no sex tonight" talk towards our lovely (and very handsome guys in ties) worked and they ended up walking home with us instead of very young, and very unknown girls. Poor ones! ;-) We had fun. They even enjoyed playing along pretending to be cheating, flirting and whatnot bf's. ... A night to remember! Won't forget it that easily.

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