August 17, 2009


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Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love postcards?!
I love to open my mailbox and have colorful postcards flying out as if waiting for me to finally check on them so they could show me where they are actually coming from. Today I got two! Ok, not a big deal I know. 20 would be a more appropriate number to be happy about but two is fair enough and plenty.

One was from my dear friend M. in Japan. Three years ago she came to my city and we met again (after so many years). I showed her places and she and her mom really enjoyed Europe. Today I got a postcard from her, and her husband!!!! It was a thank-you postcard with two wonderful wedding pictures (one traditional Japanese, the other very westernized) and their new address. This sure brightened my day!!! (ok, it saddened it, too...when is my turn, hello?!)
The other postcard was from my cousin living in New Haven, CT. Ever since she moved there I knew she didn't belong and couldn't find a way to adjust. I went all the way to visit her and cheer her up and I'm sure for those brief three days we spent together it worked but for the past few months now she fell back into her lab routine and out of her life routine. Nothing against New Haven and Yale, but I never saw her living there. So, in all her misery she left the town, heck the country, and spent some time in Europe. Impulsive. Family style. ;) Needless to say, her postcard came from Florence, but was actually written and sent from Istanbul. Now she's back in CT trying to live day by day and finish her business asap so she can leave again. Compared to my first postcard today, hers really depressed me. She should have gone to California. I would have known so many people willing to help her out, support her, cheer her up, and I'd have been there more often than on the East Coast...but she decided to go to New Haven and work there. At least I got to visit that place, too. Thank you. But it all just confused me. Her life, my life, all our lives... we are all so very different and still when it comes to life decisions like these or even slight decisions we end up in the same pot. Is life really that difficult to handle?!

What a typical Monday questions....

Have a fun day.


Sara said...

I love postcards too! My very first one I got from my bestfriend at the time who was visiting Spain!

My most recent was from "Poems from Nowhere"-- which I loved!!

Thank you for following my blog :)

Rachel said...

I love getting postcards & letters. I used to have penpals when I was little.. sometimes I wish I still did now!


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