August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Dress

Today I finally dragged myself out of bed, and out of the house towards possible stores...that might possibly have an appropriate dress for me. Easier said than done. The latter part, I mean. I found dresses...not so many, but I found them. They were either made for winter, for girls way taller or way skinnier or even bigger than me, for colorblind ones, for senseless ones, or just for those that want to go to the beach. I don't need a dress with spaghetti straps either; not for a wedding. Not for my friend's wedding, nor for any wedding in general. I need something fancy but not prom like and something I could possibly see myself wearing again...maybe. Plus, it just has to fit me.
After two hours of endless walking through a rather small town, drinking lots of water (it's scorching hot outside), a quick stop in a cafe for some coffee and raspberry pie (and no, it wasn't Starbucks!) I ended up buying a dress. Can you believe this?! I still can't. I have to say though it's not the one I had in mind. It doesn't even come close to what I had in mind. I wanted plain and simple, possibly black (yeah, I know) but with black anything goes and I can't go wrong and can add tons of colors etc etc etc... I ended up with the exact opposite of black. NO, NOT WHITE. That would be awful for a wedding, unless it's my own. I ended up buying one that has tiny flowers on it, more than just one color and looks nice. Yes, not super sexy and glamorous, but I won't stop looking anyhow. I might still find the perfect dress, now that I actually just got one. We'll see...

And I have finally found time to catch up on some blogs...I don't want to stick to the same blogs all the time, although don't get me wrong, I love them all. However, change it good. Here are a few of the blogs I read today or will finish reading today:

Just a Girl in a City
Listen for the Truth
La Mia Vita
Tudor City Girl
Spearmint Baby (even though I'm not there yet I like this blog a lot)


Megan said...

Well, I am glad you finally found one. I never find exactly what I am looking for but it always works out better that way. You should upload a picture. I want to see what dress you got after 2 hours of searching!

Selma said...

I will...promised. Just haven't had enough time to do so. ;)


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