October 2, 2009


So, my lovelies.
I'm still in Istanbul. I decided to leave this gigantic city as scheduled. No postponing, no drama, no nothing. Just leaving in a few days. I sure will miss it. Never really thought I would. After all, as you probably read earlier on, I am a big city girl. I love big cities, though do love the suburbs too. There's nothing wrong with living a bit outside where it's quieter and calmer. Then again, that is what we do here too. We live in the city, though so not in the center it is quite calm (almost boring at times). I love it here! Knowing that public transportation is quite good over here, diverse, and affordable is helpful...I love to take the ferry from one side of the city to the other one. Like in old times. Then take a taxi or Dolmus and drive to my destination, or just stroll around. I love the smell of fish, simit, and lemon cologne (to refresh your mind and hands, ha!). The fact that you can find anything over here astonishes me. I find stores, products and pretty much anything else needed at any given minute, place, and area. This does not happen in Switzerland. It takes days to look for something and I always fail to get that particular piece of whatever because the store or brand or both don't exist at all...but here, it takes me five minutes and I hold it in my hands. Very good, beyond very good...more than just super!!! I miss home in southern California, but here in Istanbul I feel sometimes I found home again...a bit of SoCal and a bit of oriental atmosphere combined...perfect for me! At least for right now.

Two weeks have passed and I'm doing ok.
More on my trip and how I saw and felt everything later on. Including the pictures!!!!
As you know I didn't take my laptop with me. My cousin took hers which is a relief because I do have to admit I miss being online. However, living and doing what I've done for the past two weeks has been grand. We're heading to our summer house today!!! Yes, summer house! It is quite warm again today, we've had temps in the 80s which is amazing. And it is October!!! I love fall!!!!
During the day you can wear T-shirts, and still use your summer clothes and in the evening fall slowly appears with its winds and cooler air though all you need to cover yourself with is a big scarf and maybe a light cardigan but other than that...nothing else. I love it. Wish it could stay like this forever.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!!

Sunny and extremely greetings from this thriving metropolis! ;)



Carol said...

Glad Istanbul was fun, can't wait to see pictures!

Sara said...

oh the weather sounds so much like the weather here!! glad you are having fun!


Yes that's the best time for big shawls and light cardigans! :) I love this time of year so much too!

:) and thank you so much for the sweet comment.



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