October 23, 2009

Friday...Ok then!?!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I don't feel inspired and I don't feel anything at this very moment...I do need to go out today and have that particular test done and then we'll see what the result is. I'm not afraid or nervous...it's not routine but it sort of feels like it. Either way, distraction is needed.
I'm still reading James Frey's book and so far it's been okay. Different. Yes, I read a million little pieces and honestly I loved that book. As gross, brutal, and very realistic it may have been I loved it. It made me think twice if not more about my alcohol consumption (my mild alcohol consumption) or life in general. It made me appreciate life more, value each moment and really see the world and whatever I did or used in different ways. Plus, I read that book in about three days. I couldn't stop reading. Now with the current one...since I don't feel inspired or ready to do anything I don't feel like reading either. I read about twenty pages yesterday on the train (in about 20 minutes) and I read some more pages at home but the book seems to be stuck at the very beginning. So far it's been ok. We'll see how that goes. I do have some waiting to do today so I will definitely have it ready. ;)

In the meantime...Halloween is around the corner. I may have mentioned it before, it is not "celebrated" over here in my part of Europe. I miss it terribly!!! I just learned though that the countryside districts or whatever you wanna call it here, are doing trick-r-treating and my friend almost forgot about it. I mentioned it out of nowhere (because it is one of my favorites!!!!), and she then said "Oh, it's on the 30th? Right?" I freaked out and told her it wasn't but the day after. Then she freaked out because she won't be home that night and has babysitters (her parents-in-law). They now have to open the door and all that and they literally hate it. Poor kids in that neighborhood. I'd be actually scared of even going to that house beccause her mom-in-law already looks scary. Just kidding! ;) But I do hope she remembers that it's the 31st and not the 30th.

credit goes to www.weheartit.com and photobucket.

And now let's see if my iron is low again...and yes, I said again!!!!  :(


Sara said...

oh they're not going to be low...I feel so...blah!

Those Magic Slippers Will Take You Home said...

i totally didn't know you didn't live in the U.S. That's so cool! how do you like it over there? What's the time difference? Hopefully the Dr.s find out what's going on with you! Good Luck!


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