October 12, 2009


 I don't like chickens that much. I do eat meat, and I do eat chicken but the animal itself is not my favorite. My aunt for example collects all sorts of chickens...she's got a collection of about 250+ chickens all spread around her house. For Easter this year she received a gigantic hand-made one...it was placed in front of the door without a note and ever since she has no clue who gave it to her. Quite creepy. It wasn't me. I was in L.A. and had no idea about this. Though I digress...the following clip is from youtube and I apologize to those that can't watch it because it is either banned or not available in your country. :(     Either way, my lovely cousin was so kind to give me some hints on what to watch whenever I feel down. She told me to go on youtube and search for this particular chicken. It's from a cellphone company in Turkey, and their "mascot" is a chicken! A cute one I have to admit. I just thought this commercial was cute. No comment. ;)

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Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am the same way! I didn't think there was another person out there like me! I mean I eat chicken, but when I go out to a restaurant, I would so much rather have a great plate of pasta than meat.


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