October 7, 2009

October Stress?! Oh no...

On today's to-do list is this:
  1. Clean out closet
  2. Make room for fall and winter clothes
  3. Get rid of spring/summer clothes you haven't worn in over one year and give them to charity
  4. Put together a CD of your recent pictures so you can give it to your friend to see them
  5. Watch Criminal Minds because you missed out on so much in the past few weeks...
  6. Plan what to do for the next four days
  7. If time allows watch LOST online so you can keep up with everyone including your cousin
  8. If more time allows watch a Turkish show and dream about the 1950's
  9. If no time then at least finish reading that book you started two weeks ago (it's about time)
  10. Have the freshly cleaned pile of clothes ready so you can start ironing tomorrow
Good, huh?! No!!!!!
It scares me...what can I do?!!
My closet is about to explode, and I can't afford nor have space for a new and bigger one.
On top of everything...it is almost 6pm and not even one third of this list has happened...I feel bad.

I rather just keep on looking for cute Halloween decoration and inspiration (I love fall!! But live in the wrong country at this very moment!!) and then start this list tomorrow (except for #5, that is an absolute must!)...how about that?! Lazy I think, huh?! Oh well.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

P.s. And yes, I'm officially back from Istanbul...will post some pictures soon...promised

1 comment :

Carol said...

I have a huge to-do list too! Can't wait for Istanbul pictures!


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