October 14, 2009

Fall, Where Are You?!

That's how fall's supposed to look like, at least I think so. I know it's not always going to be as colorful as in this picture but I'm sure you know what I mean.

We're still lucky we're not having any snow (yet) in this town but who knows how long this is going to last...maybe by the end of this week or beginning of next we'll have some white stuff waiting in front of our doors. It's just so incredibly cold these days it's not funny anymore. Yes, it's not summer anymore but come on?! Less than 40 degrees?! That's not right!

I found this tiny winter snow picture here on flickr. It's by Etty Holparan and I do love her work. Go check her out if you have time! ;)

I'm ready for some sleep...my fingers are frozen!!! : (


Mara said...

omg under 40 is way too cold!! make sure to bundle up! xox

samnhal said...

It's early for it to be that cold, wow. It's nice a pretty fall here :)

Sara said...

it doesn't even feel like autumn here!

Anastasia B. said...

I miss fall so much! I'm from NY but I moved to AZ and well...nothing changes color here. I miss the smell of the leaves, the beautiful color, the brisk air in your face. Awww I miss fall!

xo Anastasia B.


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