October 9, 2009

Some Pictures

I'm posting some pictures of my recent trip to awesome Istanbul...and I may have to apologize to some of you because you may wanted to see more touristy things or so but I never do any of this stuff in Istanbul (anymore). As a child I did and when I got older and got more interested in history, art and culture I did it all again. Though sort of being from that city (or at least having the right to call it "home" as well) I don't do the touristy stuff anymore. That is, as long as I'm there by myself and don't have friends with me who'd never been there. I'm hoping this will change at some point but my guess is not... who knows?!?!!

Here we go:
nuts at a local daily market

giant radish, I swear I didn't enlarge them

parts of the daily market,
my camera had died so I used my cellphone

my new little friend...the black cat

the bakery we (my uncle and aunt) support

the ferry my cousin and I took

my cousin, I and the sun (after my friend's wedding)
even though the sun really ruins the picture I love this shot

some dog next to my bank...
he was always there and always sleeping

my favorite ice cream...sour cherry and vanilla

Istanbul's European side from the ferry terminal...right before sunset

no comment...really...

 Parts of "touristy" Istanbul at night from Galata Tower
where one great bachelorette party took place

 a street...somewhere...

photo taken from a tram riding through parts of our neighborhood

yummy lunch

2nd wedding...the decoration

the cake

I found a pink boat

one of my favorite shots, melancholic

one of those awesome old houses, totally renewed and restored...
just waiting to be occupied

great shot despite the fact that I was in a fast car

Quick and easy lunch...but the healthy kind ;)

my favorite (alcoholic) drink...why is my glass already empty?!

partial views of Istanbul from one of my favorite restaurants in the city!!!

one of those new gigantic buildings in the middle of nowhere

crossing the bridge driving from one continent to the other one at sunset

driving to this area reminded me of Vegas

on my way back to the airport....

...miss you greatly big city!!!!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Love your pictures! I'd love to go there someday!

Leia said...

I love these pics! Great job! I need to go there one day!!

Habit & Home said...

Yum! That ice cream looks amazing!

Danielle Moss said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your photos are gorgeous!!


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