October 27, 2009

Thank You Tuesday

Monday was eventful.

Not only did I get distracted (PINK!!, and the still unanswered question), I also had a spontaneous lunch meeting with a not-so-close friend. We do this maybe three to five times a year, when he's in town and working (or when I'm around, which is hardly ever). So yesterday I got a text message from him asking #1, are you in town or traveling the world? #2 if you are in town, do you have time for lunch at 11.45?!  I had to laugh. This time, I was around and had time. No work, no traveling around the world, plenty of time. Lunch was good. I did have to concentrate though on not getting dizzy or well, on not going to faint. Yes, still not better on that part. However, I managed the day. Fresh air helped a bit. Super slow movements, too. :(
Oh it's getting better now. At 5pm I even went out to some party!! Can you believe this?
Well, it was a party held every other year in the concert hall in this city. The party is for invited people only and only for those that work in the hospitality industry (if you hadn't known it before - yes, I do work in that field!). Everything is free, so if you want to get plastered it's the place to do so. If you don't, there's plenty of live entertainment, games, food, soft drinks, and strange people. The latter part is true. We've seen so many weird faces I didn't even know they work in the same field. It scared me!!!
Anyways, yes I did manage to go to that party. I had my ticket. However, I wasn't sure if my body would allow me to have fun. I mean, who wants to go to a party and is scared she might faint at some point?! I certainly don't, but for some reason I went. Why?! It's not like such an event is likely to happen again in the next month or year, and a lot can happen in two years. Plus, I am sure I would have regretted not going if I hadn't gone. So I did go. I didn't faint, though had my moments. I had those kind of moments you don't want to be in or even get close to when you are in a crowd, supposed to be having fun and eating dinner. You just don't want to get that uncontrollable feeling - in whatever form it may occur. You just don't! I did at some point and it scared the shit out of me. Pardon my tiny French there but ya know me, when I swear I do swear! ;) Anyway, I had to leave the place and hurry out close to the entrance with fresh air coming in...I immediately felt better though not entirely better. It took me about 45 minutes to feel a slight bit less scared, less sweaty and less stressed out. I went home very early! Hey, at least I went to the party...it officially ended at 4am!!! Health comes first, doesn't it?!

Now it's Tuesday...I'm doing laundry!
Even though I may feel like total crap I can't ignore this giant pile of clothes waiting to be washed. It just has to be done. So I'm doing it. Luckily, I don't have that much space to have it all hung up and dried (and no, we don't have a dryer!)...so I might not be doing all of it. Sigh.

And well...just a few more days and I officially have to say good-bye to fall...well, for me, winter starts November 1st, and ends end of February. Four months. It's just me. So, I do have to say good-bye to most of my clothes and put them away. My closet is so tiny I can't have it all in there so every time I'm home I do have to work on my closet. Up until then it's looking at cool pictures...the orange kind of pictures...

I love you fall. I love you Tuesday, and I miss you Halloween!!!!
Can't wait to have a horror movie night soon! My very own tradition to bring back home, even just for one night!!

Have an amazing day!


Annie said...

i love the pumpkins in the fireplace! what a neat look!

hope you are feeling MUCH better soon!!

Mara said...

I'm watching a halloween movie tonight! i can't wait! I love fall!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

It's definitely no fun to be at a party and not feeling well! At least you made the attempt! The weather is getting worse here too....lovely fall temperatures are headed out and freezing is making its way in. I am not ready yet!

Those Magic Slippers Will Take You Home said...

How cold does it get over there? I can't beleive you don't have a dryer. i feel so spoiled! was that a culture shock?

Did you ever google vertigo? look up some of the symptoms. That is the thing my friend has that makes her dizzy and feel faint, she can't eat allot of salty things and sitting down helps her. I hope you find out waht is going on

Selma said...

Having to air dry my laundry saves energy, but it's time consuming. We have this huge air blower (or whatever you want to call it) and it sort of makes the drying procedure faster. Though I miss dryers, badly!! No real culture shock but it's one of those things you hardly take for granted and once you end up not having one you feel helpless for a moment or so, and then you figure it all out and it's all good the way it is. Imagine I wouldn't have a fast washing machine...that would be bad. :(

And yes, I'm glad I made the attempt and wento that party. Saw a couple of people and that's then it. Early night! ;)

So need to catch up on halloween movies...


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