October 18, 2009

Coffee and Cigarettes

Rain, hail and lots of ugly gray clouds were the main characters this weekend!!!

I love rain, but during very hot days for like ten minutes and me standing outside getting soaking wet. Unfortunately this hasn't happened in a while. However, what we've been having here is just so depressing. This kind of rain is definitely not my favorite. I think no one really likes it.
Came across the picture above and loved it. Doesn't it make you rethink everything again...in regards of fall weather?! It works on me.

Hope your weekend wasn't as wet as mine...and yeah, I stayed home...as promised.
And just coffee for me, no cigarettes at all. Just saying.

Both pictures from weheartit.com

P.s. I just remember I have to put up a picture of the dress I got for the wedding last month. I know it's crazy but for some reason I promised to do so and totally forgot. And keeping promises is one thing I used to (still am) good at. I will....promised. ;)


Sara said...

I want pictures! Do you not smoke indoors? or don't you smoke at all?

Amy said...

My weekend was dry. I'm jealous of you. We've had about one rainy day this entire year. And I love those pictures. Hope you had a good weekend, even though it was wet and rainy. :)

Mara said...

put up the picture of the dress! i want to see! Hope you had a good weekend staying in :) Hopefully this week won't be as rainy! xox

Selma said...

I don't smoke at all. ;) Never did and I guess never will.
And at some point I'm trying to put up pictures of the dress and other things I bought so far...just to make my day (and yours) look more colorful! :D
OH, and I stayed home...literally. Spend some minutes on the balcony but it was way too cold.


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