October 28, 2009

Wishful Wednesday - Costume


This week's topic on Kelsey's blog is

I wish...I was six years old and going trick or treating, and my costume would be....a pumpkin!

You know, it was very very very difficult to find my inner child. I know I haven't lost it, and won't lose my inner sillyness (ever!) but it wasn't easy to come up with something! I also know that coming up with "pumpkin" isn't really inventive, but I love pumpkins, and if I was six years old now I would want to be a cozy, cute, colorful and charming (girl) pumpkin! Not a princess, not a doctor, not a nurse, not a witch, not something else but a pumpkin. Please?! 


I'm sure I would have loved it, just without the make-up!!!
Oh, and I might even dye the thing pink! Crazy but why not go as a pink pumpkin?! I'm six, remember?!
My friends would probably be cute little bears, pandas, bees, pirates, or maybe even a hamburger!
Obviously I'm way too attached to the Pottery Barn Kids' website.

Have a fantabulous day!!!


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love the PBK pumpkin girl! That was on my list too!

Kelly said...

this costume rocks!!! you picked a great one :) what are you going to be this year??

what a fun blog you have here!!

thank you for the sweet comment yesterday :)

Skyes Scribbles said...

i like the pumpkin too! i think you would make an adorable 6 year old little girl pumpkin, If only we had tiem machines! but with todays technology who knows!!! could be soon!

paddle to shore said...

awww, I love the pumpkin costume. It's so adorable.

Mara said...

haha how cute! Matthew's nephew was a pumpkin for Halloween and his name is Jack. So he was a Jack-o-lantern. it was pretty cute! I wish I could go trick or treating sooo badly! sigh I miss childhood!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Such a classic and FUN FUN costume!! Love the stripe tights too!!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

A pink pumpkin! I love it! If you can't do it when your six, then when can you?!

Katie said...

I'd love to be 6 again and go trick or treating!!


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