October 14, 2009

How I see it... Part 2

The following is again a post I wrote while having a blast in Istanbul...again, I still have no idea why I chose to keep it as a draft, but my guess is I wanted to keep it for a while then post it so I would remember how I felt, and what my thoughts were like while away and finding my way...

Attending weddings is always fun...

...especially when it is not yours. Ok, I'm sure it's also fun when it's yours but it's more hectic and exhausting. In my first five days in Istanbul I attended two weddings. First, I was invited to only one. I had already a little problem attending that one because I didn't want to go alone, nor did I know how to get to the place, and what to wear and all that jazz. Needless to say, my summer/fall misery was still in full bloom and with one giant upcoming wedding on the way and on my mind I became crazy!!! Then, I told myself I need, well, must attend the wedding because it is my friend's and after all you get married (hopefully) just once and I would definitely regret it if I didn't go. So, I told myself this:  "Selma, listen...you must go because you owe it to your friend and to yourself. It is a wedding you cannot miss, and shouldn't miss. It is in your favorite city, with your favorite people and it'll be a once in a lifetime experience. Selma!!!! You have to go. A no is not accepted."  So, I decided to go. Then, I had a little problem to find a dress. Fall already started, and the stores in western Europe pretty much displayed fall/winter clothes so to find a nice dress for a wedding in a summer-like city like Istanbul was almost impossible. ThankGoodness for SALE time and voila...I found a dress...a little "old fashioned", a little sexy...and with my cleavage...nice!! ;) I bought it.
Then, I literally gave up the whole drama thing about attending a wedding alone. None of my friends were able to join me due to bad timing and I knew I was going alone - not quite. Out of nowhere my favorite cousin S. wrote an email to me and literally made my day!!! I couldn't stop smiling!!! My constant smiling was recognized by everyone because my summer misery was with me (and that badly) and therefore the only time I smiled was when guests arrived or I interacted with them. At other times, you'd have seen one giant gray cloud hovering over me. That day though when I read the email in the morning...you would have thought it was someone else...but it was little Selma, having an awesome day.

So, the dress was bought, I wouldn't be attending my friend's wedding alone and on top of everything else...I would be attending another wedding! Yes, the email my cousin sent me said something like "ok, honey, I am going to be in Istanbul as well...will definitely join you on your life experience going to your dear friend's wedding, but you have to come to my friend's wedding, too. That will be two days after the first wedding. OK?! OK!!! Let's do that!!!"
And so we did...

My head was spinning...what should I wear!? Deja-vu??? Absolutely!!!
So, scroll back up and literally image you would do the same about the dress search. Skip the part about attending a wedding alone and there you go...the same crisis occured again. HA! Well, the dress I bought for my friend's wedding I used at the second wedding! Weird, huh?
It turned out the one on Friday (the second wedding) was an ourdoor event, overlooking the Bosphorus, and was more a cocktail like event (which it indeed was). So, I ended up wearing the fluffy dress on Friday, and the "traditional" dress to my friend's wedding. Then again, the traditional one (it was black, and yes, I can sort of guess what you may think! But it is classy!!) was more comfortable and that is what you want; a comfortable dress.

Well, and by now I have attended two weddings...enjoyed both...loved both.
The first one to me was more precious and more special. At least I knew people.
The second one was more a bit high-society style, a bit too much but still breathtakingly interesting and fascinating. And yes, breathtaking was the word I wanted to use. Whoever has to organize a wedding again after that one (with the same kind of people) needs to be able to top this one off. Big time.

...the way I see it...if I get married I want to get married in Istanbul, too. Just because of the location. Then again, it doesn't have to be in that city. My wedding will be very international due to my friends and family and all but I'm sure it'll be grand. Then again, don't ask me when it'll be...first I need to find Mr. Right and the way I see it he's in hiding!!! Wherever that may be. :)

So, weddings are fun...stressful, interesting and the best part is that as a guests you get to enjoy it as much as you can, dress up, go to the hairdresser, have fun, dream, indulge, eat, drink, sweat, wear uncomfortable and comfortable shoes/dress/bag, and still have a blast!!!!

I loved it.

Picture credit: flickr


Sara said...

I love going to weddings! I really do but I hate the fuss of what to wear...
and the running late lol I am always late to weddings!

Anonymous said...

haha love the post! speaking of weddings, i have to go to one tonight. i mean i get to. i like weddings :) but planning my own? i would rather cut off my own arm. it was so hectic!


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