October 29, 2009


Good morning everyone.
I slept in today. In case you were wondering, I do go back to work next week. Not that I'm looking forward to it but it's going to be alright. After that, I'm going to be depressed again, and wallowing in self-pity over my horrible life. Then again, it's not as horrible. There are worse things out there, and there are plenty other people out there suffering each day (in a very different way), struggling with life's ups and downs...and well, I should be looking at the bright side. I sent in resumes, even sent my college stuff over to some companies and schools in Istanbul (my aunt made me do this), and I'm looking into schools near Los Angeles, and tada...Seattle?! The latter one is quite new to me. I remember though that I wanted to visit that city nine years ago but failed and now it may be the right time?! Who knows. I said I'm looking into schools, haven't applied or really found one yet...so it all could change in a second. Life's that way anyway.

On today's to-do list is:

♥ take some medicine (I'm still dizzy)
♥ read 20 more pages
♥ go out and buy Christmas gifts
♥ go to a Christmas presentation "party" (yes, it is only two months away, I love X-Mas, and the party is held in a store and their Christmas decoration is to die for).
♥ do things slowly
♥ catch up on reading (I opened my reader and found 150 entries...not good!!!)

It seems as if today is going to be quite eventful. Sort of.
Time for me to get my coffee, and then get ready for the day!!!

But let me first read some more blogs...the ones I'm literally catching up on today (maybe more but you never know) are this, and this, and this, and this one. I'm sure I'm going to read more...but I tend to read one or two blogs quite intensively and then skip over others which is not fair and then out of nowhere I realize I had been missing out and needed to re-read the whole thing and voila...that's what I'm doing today.

Have a fabulous day.


Kelly said...

Glad to hear that I'm not the ONLY one who totally wants to put up Christmas decorations like, NOW! ;-) I hope you're feeling better today! Are you doing anything fun for Halloween? Did I read a while back that they don't go 'all out' like we do in the states? Anyways, thanks for the little link (I love Nienie too!) and take care today! :-)

Katie said...

I lOOOOOOOOOOOOVE buying x-mas gifts!!!

Those Magic Slippers Will Take You Home said...

Those Diddies are still bothering you huh!? When do you get your results back? or did they do anything to get results back?

i can't friggin wait for Christmas! i've already bought some gifts! i saw christmas Decor in Wal-Greens yesterday! waaahooo here comes Santa!!!!

The SSS Sophisticate said...

A busy day! I love that Christmas is coming so soon!

Mara said...

sleeping in is well-deserved! I can't believe you're already thinking about Christmas shopping. That is always too stressful for me to think about until 2 weeks before .. but then I get stressed with the lack of time.. hm maybe you're onto something! (thanks for the shout out!) happy 2 days until halloween! what book are you reading btw?

evelyn said...

i slept in today too! because i like to sleep xD wow I can't believe Christmas is approaching soon! I can't wait! :D i love the holidays :]



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